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May 6, 2013

After saying goodbye to Chris & Val we headed toward Gawler again, stopping at Williamstown to go out to the Whispering Wall.

Into Gawler after this, collected some spare bearings then intended to spend the night at the Mallala Sports Ground but when we got there it was practically full with a Motorhome Club so we moved on from there.
Found a nice spot by the beach at Port Parham which is a free area on the esplanade with water taps & flushing toilets. There were about 7 other QLD vans already parked there! Once again the beach is covered with weed rubbish.

Sat & had a wine while the sunset over the Spencer Gulf.

The morning of 4.5.13 we were back at Port Wakefield to collect one of our leads, vent covers which we had ordered- to cover fridge & door vents when travelling on dirt.
Also got them to check brakes as still getting hot. Had to be readjusted & as the Electric Brake controller was at least 6 years old we handed over another $250 for a new one. Ugh.
Got off Highway 1 & headed towards the west coast for a different way north towards Port Augusta.

Through the town of Bute on way to Port Broughton. It is very obvious that the farmers are taking full advantage of the rain 3 weeks ago & every there there is evidence of newly planted crops just appearing, green pastures, machinery furiously working to get crops planted while there is moisture in the ground. Even the roadsides have got green grass & seems to make travel more pleasant.

This pub in Port Broughton is probably the first grand old building we have seen with only one sign defacing the beautiful architecture.
We headed up to an overnight stop 4ks south of Port Germein. The sunset there was so beautiful after the drive up beside the Flinders Ranges.

Sunday we went back to have a look around Port Pirie as in 2010 bypassed this spot. As we turned off Highway 1 there were hundreds of walkers & we found out they were walking for Make A Wish Foundation.

Again beautiful buildings here.

The smelter complex is huge.

Once again there are grain silos everywhere- South Australia is a huge grain cropping state.

To finish Sunday off we returned to Poet Germein. had lunch here in 2010. It has to most amazing “JUNK SHOP”.

Did a walk along part of the jetty but lunch was beckoning back at the van. This jetty has been restored but used to be the longest wooden jetty in the Southern Hemisphere!

Bruce being Bruce he decided to check the new bearing/seals which had been done 3 weeks ago back at Port Wakefield. Found that there was no grease in the seals & we had done 2,500k since they had been done.
Monday 6.5.13
Not a happy camper so back to Port Wakefield which is 300k return to where we were last night. Supposed to be heading up to Port Augusta.

Lochiel is the place where there are many salt lakes, one of which has this “Loch Ness Monster” look alike.

Saltbush on which the sheep thrive.

The village of Redhill has this monument to the Pioneer farmers of the area.

Back from where we started this morning. The owner apologised for our problems & immediately had all 4 wheels off van & the same person working on them again after being suitable “hauled over the coals”.
Bruce never left outside the van while I had a SCAN (senior citizen’s afternoon nap) inside as well as caught up on photos etc.

Once again brilliant sunsets over the water while having a drink.
This is the end of a train which usually have at least 80 carriages pulled by 3 engines.

All for this episode. We will be heading into remote areas, after some shopping in Port Augusta, from now on so shall post when we have service.


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