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Heading south from Walpeup the first silo was the Patchewollock one. This was painted by Brisbane artist Fintan Magee. He met local sheep and grain farmer Nick “Noodle” Hulland , he knew he had found who he wanted to depict on the silo. Most important reason he chose this man was because of his height & leaness he would fit perfectly on the tall slim silo, 35 metre high and built in 1939. It was completed in 2016 depicting the typical Aussie farmer, complete with “flannie”.

These statues are of the Mallee Fowl. Notice the head on the farmer with the Jackie Howe single?

After this was a slight detour east off the Henty Highway east to Lascalles.
These paintings were on 2 silos facing in opposite directions and were probably were the hardest to notice the great defination of the work. This one was done by Melbourne artist Rone. They are local farming couple Geoff and Merrilyn Horman whose family has been farming here for four generations. He worked for two weeks in mid 2017. He added water to his paint as a blending tool to produce a ghostly transparent effect.

. This tiny town has artwork over many of its old buildings.

We turned west back towards Hopetown the south towards Rosebery for the next silo.

This one was painted by Melbourne artist Kaff-eine. and she spent time in Lascelles helping Rone with his silo. Her painting on the left silo depicts the character of the female farmers who regularly face drought, fires and other hardships in the Mallee.
The silo on the right shows quiet moment between friends- man and horse. Akubra hat, Bogs boots and oilskin vest. This one was completed in 2017.

As there was not a painted silo in Brim in 2014 that was going to be out stop for the night. This recreation area has a few power poles with amenity, toilets, children’s play area, boat ramp. Cost is $10 into the donation box.
The artist for the Brim silos, six of them, was Guido Van Heiten and was the first in the Mallee completed in 2016. It depicts an anonymous multi-generational quartet of female & male farmers.

This area at the camp site is rather large with sites set out among the trees.

Still travelling south the next own was Warracknabeal which has the biggest antique/secondhand shop I have ever seen. We spent an hour in there , me looking and Bruce talking. That town got $ from us just in that store. I did not even look at furniture as knew could not take home anyway.

Lets get out of here and head down to Sheep Hills which was just a deserted pub and not much else, except another work of art.
This was painted by Melbourne artist Adnate and his tells the story of the Indigenous people and their land. the photos are of two elders Uncle Ron Marks and Aunty Regina Hood. The tow children are Savannah Marks and Curtly McDonald.

The next town we arrived at was Minyip which happened to be the town for the setting of the past TV series The Flying Doctors. They are not letting folk forget that either with planes & signs everywhere.
Found a tiny store where we were able to get a couple of items as well as some liquid refreshments.

Now heading to Rupanyup for the night and the last silo for the time being.

This one was painted by Russian artist Julia Volchkove who concentrated on the towns youth. The female is Netball player Ebony Baker with AFL player Jordan Weidemann. It was finished in 2017 and is in monochromatic styleand these are very squat silos. Had to take photo to the side because of a power pole right in the middle. If you are down this way these works of art art worth coming to see.
All for now and heading down to Ballarat.



Heading south towards Pinnaroo where we are going to head east into Victoria. We have been detouring off the highway to see the tiny towns/villages which
have gradually been bypassed over the years. This one is Paruna and there was not much activity. The enquiries sign is in the store window and at a guess, the man at the the old home next door was the owner.

These old sandstone (I think) buildings with the light and the darker colour down the edges are rather distinctive to SA & Vic.
Not long before we were at Pinnaroo and here we had a cuppa after some more old deserted buildings. Not many vehicle services at this motors I would not think. All these old Hotels are spoiled buy the amount of modern signage!

Sorry about the Postie on his bike and notice the same style with the brick on the Hotel.

There were many tiny towns along the Mallee highway, mostly with the highway being the main street with just a Pub, General Store, maybe a Post Office but that was often in the Store.

Glimpsed this abandoned home in same style of brick.

There was a sign pointing to the Kow Homestead just off the road so headed in there for a look. It is an old home, stables, cookhouse and the necessary outhouse. Signs not easy to read but Mr Google will tell the story I would think.

Moving along the turn to the Murray-Sunset Pink Lakes appeared but as we had been there a few years ago, bypassed it this time. Here are a few photos from that trip. Everything at that time looked so much greener.

We decided to stop at Underbool for the night. This is another small town which is catering for travellers. There is a very clean amenity block with toilets and hot showers. The showers are $3.50 and we noticed as few truckies making use of them as well. A nice camp kitchen and cost $10 power. More abandoned stores we discovered after going for a wander. Wanted to use the Post Office but it was not open. So far we have not been able to sit outside for a drink or cuppa because there still has not been any sunshine. Usually totally overcast but no rain in sight.

Locked so could not lock him up!
A few ks after Underbool was another great little stop for $10 with same facilities. This is where we stopped last time when we drove past it was crowded. You can get the key from the tore to open the hall to have look at the huge patchwork wall hanging.

Here we turned south to start the silo trail.


After leaving West Wyalong showgrounds we were still travelling along extremely drought stricken country.

This was a short drive across to Weethalle to see out first painted wheat silo. This trip south is mainly to do the Silo Art Trail In Victoria.

Weethalle is a town with the main street being the highway. While there, went into a tiny second hand shop & had a chat to the owner, or rather Bruce did while I browsed.

Checkout the top shelf of jugs in the middle & you will see a minature jug & if I remember correctly he paid over $200 for this.

Not sure if this this RSL would still be used and it would not be a town if it did not have a Royal hotel.

Our destination for today was going to be the RSL club at Hay for the night. The rest area is beside the club on the highway going south into Hay. Sorry but forgot to take a photo. There is a Bowls club on the site which is not used, as they could not compete with the other club in town. Had been told about the great Chinese Restaurant in the club so we went and got some takeaway for dinner that night- believe what you hear as it was the best we have tasted since Bundaberg or the restaurant in Narrabri.
The next day we revisited the old Railway station where there is a museum set up about the Dunera Boys.

Back to town for a cuppa then a drive to check out the river site where we have also stopped a couple of times before the RSL was available. Filled up with water, dump point etc.
Driving along the Hay Plains the amount of cotton (irrigated) was huge. There were modules and bales everywhere.

Had decided to go into the Yanga NP outside of Balranald to maybe stay there for the night. Even though just a dust bowl that was not a problem. Managed to get a site on the banks of the Murrumbidgee River. There is a big wool shed here but we did not pay it a visit as we have seen many wool sheds in our touring.

Had placed a thermometer outside just to see how cold the morning would get- 2 degrees before the sun came up & was just wonderful to get back into the van where it was 23 – thankyou diesel heater.
Filled up with fuel at a deserted card only BP servo on the outskirts of Balranald – only $1.33 compared to the other servos up to $1.50.
Heading directly west now towards Euston & Robinvale, either side of the Murray river and into wine country and Victoria.
Our next night was spent at Lake Benanee where we had stopped previously. Still no sunshine and parked behind some trees to block the cold wind coming off the lake.

Travelling on, we had wanted to spend a night in at Bottle Bend on the Murray next before Mildura but with totally overcast weather that would not have been a very smart thing to do. However we did drive in to have a look. The last time we were there a couple of years ago there were no signs and was very easy to miss the turn off the highway. Much work has been done since then-there are many little signs pointing to various camp sites.

. The photo with the inscription should “now logged off”, not “not logged off”
Memories of 2012.

We had already eaten/cooked all of our fruit & veges before reaching the Quarantine check point so were really looking forward to getting more when we reached Loxton.

I was having trouble with my modem which would not turn off, no matter what I did to it. Found a Telstra shop in Mildura and he had it fixed in a second and he showed me what to do if it happens again. I badly needed new wool lined slippers so also got a pair of those while in the complex. Rang out friends down at Loxton to let them know when we would be arriving. About 4 years since we last were here.
Arrived and set up at friends at Loxton on Friday 19th.
This was an unexpected way to say goodbye. Faye & John had decided to have camp oven dinner. They have this wonderful setup here for visiting friends with caravans. This includes Magpies who fly inside when nobody is looking and try to get grapes off the table.
An extra bonus visiting them was that John had enough correct sized foam and time for a small job for us by renewing our van seats. We only thought about that when we got here, as had forgotten how handy this man is with his hands.

There was rather a cold westerly wind sneaking around the back of the kitchen and I reckoned in between both fires would be the spot. We could have gone inside but not when there were fires burning.

22.5.18. Goodbye from Loxton until next time with huge thanks to Faye & John for their usual great hospitality and friendship. Wonderful to be able to sit & chill out for a few days. Till we meet again.



We left Port last Wednesday and because we have been passing through places we have been before we did not stop and do the touristy things, Gulgong being the exception. Travelled down the Pacific highway and turned west at Raymond Terrace, already decided that we were going to stay at Broke. This detour took us right through the centre of the Hunter Valley wineries. No, we did not stop and the reason being we were here a few years ago and stayed with friends at Mt View which overlooks the wineries, and are going to call to see them on the way home, hopefully.

These 2 tiny old churches are opposite the Broke rest area, which is a very big area and only one set of flushing toilets a well as 2 demountables. Just dust everywhere (drought) and we had to remind a couple of overseas backpackers who pulled under some trees, which had signs on them “Do not park under these trees” .They were obviously rotting . The trees not the backpacker! The whole area is useless if you want solar as barely a spot without tree cover.. Plenty of privacy as so far apart.
The following day we went up to Singleton to have a cuppa with friends who have housesat for us a few times. They are in this beautiful 1883 home, original owner probably a wealthy Pastoralist. The name of the home is Pelegrin.

Second photo shows the caoch house on the left

There is a huge mining industry around Singleton

Anyone for a butternut pumpkin rotting in the ground, at least the cattle will eat them. Headed off towards Merriwa to spend the night behind the hotel. Also a dust bowl but a couple of rubber mats down & the problem solved. In Wiki camps there were folk complaining but you put up with these things when on the road. They also did not like the Rooster crowing at dawn. To me, that was rather nice as it took me back to farming days. OK it was about 5am but out of bed anyway. The meal the night before was the best Chicken Schnitzel we had had for a long time. Thank goodness I ordered the children’s size

While travelling west we were heading straight into a very strong westerly, there were frequent light showers and was bitterly cold. Found out that there had been snow at Orange which is only a stone’s throw away.
Toilets inside Merrima Info centre.

Very appropriate signs for the district we are travelling through.
Before we left we wandered around to the tourist centre/Arts & Crafts. This display would have to be one of the biggest I have seen regarding home made arts & crafts. Many of the items would never get used in our climate as made from pure wool. Did purchase a bottle of the nicest zucchini relish I have ever tasted and now wishing I had got more than one. Bruce naturally was into the machinery.

The only green is irrigated pastures and the cattle are really in good condition.

Passed through Ulan also under/above ground mining.

Gulgong is described as an Historic town and only driven through previously. Many, many craft shops set up in small old buildings. One of them all proceeds go to restoring the Old Opera House.

It was bitterly cold, misty & not very nice weather for wandering around the hilly streets, which are very narrow & not Caravan friendly at all. Took a few photos of some buildings but had to end up running back to car before heavy rain started.

Last Saturday was a celebration of when the first Model A Ford was sold in Australia, from a garage in Gulgong and there was going to be over 3000 vehicles here to celebrate.
Just a few for enthusiasts.

A contrast regarding size was this Lincoln Continental. We were speaking to the young family loading groceries in to the “trunk” and it was HUGE. They said it weighed 2 ton a 1956 model and loves the juice as you can imagine. They have had it for 20 years with 2 previous owners since it was imported.

Our stop for Saturday night was at Yeoval, also another pub thanks to Pubs Australia group. A large area , wet at the moment because of showers.
Went into the pub for a drink before dinner – roaring fire place to sit in front of but was not a good idea as had to go outside to van later. Good hot showers/toilets open all night if needed. We had the place to ourselves.
The weather next day had improved somewhat with blue sky as we headed to Cumnock. Had read about a Bicycle Art Trail Cumnock to Dubbo and as we approached Cumnock these sculptures began to appear roadside. Shall show a few photos but I managed to snap 27. Why? These a some of the best. Anyone travelling with children down this way should not miss them. Mr Google talks about them.

Driving through Cumnock we noticed so many deserted homes.

This tiny place was tucked back between 2 homes. Shall have to delete the name on photo as should be Cumnock! Senior,s moment!
Did a slight detour off highway into Cargo .

decided to spend the night at the rest area opposite the Cowra information centre. It being Saturday afternoon, there were no parks available because of hockey fields beside rest area and parks were filled with Mums bringing children for the sport. They gradually left and 3 vans, including us, moved up to the area for overnight. There is a dump point here as well as toilets available ay Maccas as well as the public ones above the grounds.
We did not do any of the tourist things here as all done in past years.
Into Showgrounds at West Wyalong for a couple of night for washing, dump shopping etc. $20 with friendly caretaker. A change to wander the streets with out bitterly cold wind & nice sunshine. Some beautiful old buildings.

The work in building these places, in my humble opinion, needs to be congratulated, especially the age and how they have weathered time. Sad to see so many new signs adorning them.

15.5.18. No destination planned for today except to stop at Weethalle to see a painted mural- hopefully as there have been a couple of towns who said they did not have any. One was Cumnock.
Porridge cooked which the smell woke Bruce so time to close till next time. 3 degrees outside at 7am.


Well more than a couple of days have passed after vowing that I would attend to this daily! We did a day trip down to Mendooran to visit friends who we met while travelling. Just a 500k round trip but we Aussies often do a trip like that! So good to catch up Robyn & Bob & love your 5th wheeler. Enjoy while you can my friends.
Had lunch in the old pub there & as usual a huge meal.

Their daughter’s minature ponies.

A few photos of cotton being picked/harvested at our daughter’s.

Love this place for sunrise/sunset photos.

Early morning crop duster.
Rolling the awning up we realized that the spring on one end was broken so that would mean finding somewhere to get repaired.
After saying a goodbye to family and attending to groceries, water & dump in Narrabri we headed down to Gunedah and the country did not improve at all- so depressing .

Did not stop here as been here quite a few times so headed east to Tamworth.

Just north of Tamworth we noticed a van repair sign, so did a Uturn to see if they could do the repair instead of finding a place in big town. The small country town was Moonbi and 30 mins later we were away with a new spring. A new one would have been $300 but they had one taken from another van for $100. It was like new. Good country hospitality.
That night we spent at Bendermeer. This is a huge rest area, donation box at entry, off the highway but after dark the traffic was not a problem. Down in a hollow so knew it would be cold in the morning so we parked well away from other vanners as we would definately have heater going.

Wandered over to the old bridge for a look. This is higher than the new bridge which was built over the river and you would have to wonder why?

The MacDonald River with the old bridge as a walkway. Timber structures under are starting to rot.

Taken from new low level bridge with the old one up river.

The colours of autumn are so different down south – colours which we do not see in our part of QLD. The deciduous trees make such a mess!

These came down to say hello and they look as though they could do with some care.

Thursday morning we were still going east and down the Moonbi range, which we have been down before. There were a few vans coming up but what a long pull.

This person greets you at Walcha

Once again the streets are lined with Autumn colours. AS we had previously stopped at the towns on the way down we did not do it again.
As soon as we got over the range the country certainly changed colour, with signs that it rained over here. The elevation height 1152 mts.
On the way down the range we did a couple of walks into the waterfall & gorges. The first was the Aspley Falls which were non existent.

No, we did not do the walk down these steps as I would have never got back up.
We had a cuppa there and were joined immediately by this Currawong.

This water is top side of the falls but that is as far as it goes.

These were the only wild life we saw on the walks.

These falls did have some water!

We did not do the 5k. The walk we were on was sealed the first few meters then gravel with “ups and downs”. Only bird calls were obviously small birds but could not see them.

Da enjoying the view .

Continuing on down the range around hairpin bends which I took some photos showing them on the Navman

We were going to go as far as Ellenborough rest area but had lunch at the Stockyard Creek area & decided to stay there for the night. Right beside the road but traffic noise does not worry us. The noise from birds, which we could not see, was unbelievable. I am thinking they might have been Bellbirds.The noise stopped very suddenly about 4.30.
The only others we saw were couple of parrots and some Fairy Wrens .

Very quiet night with nobody else stopped and no traffic.Heater on about 5am as rather cool. There are composting loos here and reasonably clean.
Tried to get some photos coming down the range but not easy.

Continued on down the range, passing through Ellenborough and Wauchope at which we did not stop and have a wander as here many years ago.

We were soon into Port Macquarie for 5 nights. As we had already been here before we did not do the “touristy” things. Reason we did this big detour on our trip was to give daughter Sally support on her first Ironman competition.
Booked into our motel, a rather old one , with only about 20 van sites as most are now cabins.

The sunset from the motel room door and dinner with Sally & girls as well Kate & Andrew & boys. Good friends of Sally and Andrew is doing the Ironman once again.
Saturday was a reasonably quiet day with Mitchell Trent & Sophie also arriving to give Sally support. The cousins, especially the 3 girls, also enjoyed each others company as they do not get together too often.

One dolphin way in the distance.
Had to go shopping to buy Bruce some jeans as yours truly had somehow forgotten to pack his. He said he could wear his farming ones he always packs in case of work being needed on car or van but that was not happening.
The next 3 days were to be rather long & tiring , especially Sunday where we were at Sally & the girl’s motel room at 6.15am to watch her enter the water for the first leg which was 3.8km.


There were over 2000 contestants a few well into their 60s.
Next leg was the 180k bike ride!

Phone photo and not the best but mounting her bike

Smile & wave at 90k mark.

End of 180k then heading out for marathon length run, 42k.

The next just over 5 hours was waiting at motel for she & Andrew to come past on their final circuit before the finish line.

There were literally thousands of spectators at the finish line, which was kept open to 12mn, the cutoff time to finish the full course. We were sitting having a champers at the motel & they were still running past at 11.30pm. Determination! 7.30am to 11.30pm .

From memory she finished about 9.30pm.

The loud music, the banging on the barriers, the yelling was soooooooooo loud- Bruce had his ears turned right down which I would have loved. There was even a proposal just before the finish line! The poor announcer, an American, must have had a sore throat next day as he called out eg “Sally you are an Ironman” as all of the over 2000 contestants crossed the line. As well a how many they had done.

As they go through the finish line they are asked if they want medical aid or food but she said she was just wanted to sit & have some food. They do get soup, sandwiches, fruit, drinks at comfort stops along the way if they want it but they all take something with them. Bananas, energy snacks etc. We crawled into bed about 12mn with hot water bottle to back & heat beads to other parts!
Monday Bruce & I both had very sore feet & I had muscles aching I did not know I had!
Tuesday I did washing, house work & Bruce washed the car & packed up to leave Wednesday.
All about ironman and sorry if I have bored you in my travel blog but we are rather proud of our 44 year old baby.



Well, after 12 months at home, after having it rented for 4 years , we have finally got away with the van until the end of July. Have a good friend house sitting for us so we have no worries as far as home is concerned.
Day 1 was via D’Aguilar highway through Kilcoy, Esk, Gatton then up the Toowoomba range via Heifer Creek as far as Leyburn for lunch then Usual Yelarbon for the first night. ApproachingKilcoy this cloud looked as though it was at ground level.

This cyclist greeted us at Esk where we stopped in front of the Bakery for a cuppa!
Next stop was Leyburn for lunch at a free/low cost rest area.

Onto Leyburn Recreation Grounds where we always stop when travelling to family at Bellata. Hope all travellers put a donation in the tin.

There are always plenty of Corellas here & one of these pairs thought too early to wake up. Love these birds even with their noisy habits evening and early morning. The further south we go the drier the country becomes.
Arrived at Yelarbon with the only green grass where the caretakers have been watering around the amenity block. Woken up at midnight by a group of 4 German girls arriving and parked right next to us- this is a big recreation ground and there was only one other van here so there was no need to stop so close. This seems to be a trait with overseas travellers! There were enough lights shining so darkness was no excuse about not being able to see.

Day 2. Up for a sunrise photo and walk along the Yelarbon Lagoon.

A few Red- Rumped Parrots and the sunlight on the front of the Willy.

There is old machinery displayed around the grounds- Bruce always interested in these farming implements . Glow from the sunrise.

You can see just how dry by the, was going to say dead grass, but mainly dirt!
Another late night watching the final night of swimming.

Day two we left much earlier than normal – 7.30am. Planned to get to Bellata before lunch. So very dry but there is a small amount of water in the water holes beside the road. Surprisingly very little “road kill” along the roadsides but I guess there is no green picking along there either. Had a stop at the Moree Information to get a supply of their Caramelised Capsicum which we love with cheese. They now have Beetroot relish which is also very tasty.
Arrived at daughter’s in time for lunch .
Day 3 up for a walk before sunup. There are cracks on ground that you can loose a spanner down!

Lots of wonderful old machinery which has passed its use by date by many years. This Fargo Would be a restorers dream!

It is a full time job here trying to keep the grass green around the house- just as well bore water. Going to local to-night for dinner for Son-in-laws birthday and 13 year old grandson cooked breakfast this morning.
Shall post this now & back in a couple of days.


SUNDAY 2nd October

Catching up from we left Baralaba (Neville Hewitt Weir) on 22nd Sept & went about 60 ks to my relatives at Wowan, Narelle & Delwyn Chapman who we had not seen since a Chapman reunion in Eidsvold back in 1983!
Far too long in between. Anyway we arrived at their Brahman stud property for lunch & soon started reminising. After lunch the men went to yard some cattle for drenching etc. They also have 3 bulls ready for the International Bull sale at Rockhampton this week.

Del applying a Buffalo Fly ear tag.

Getting a rub after sucking our fingers- which they love to do. Drink time for this little lady & the last photo I missed this spoilt one pulling on the back of Narelle’s shirt! Decided to give her a gentle nudge instead.

Their home & property runs along the Dee River with sunset from the veranda the previous afternoon.
The spray line is irrigating potato which are just starting to flower.

A water winch also used to irrigate.

We left there 3 days later & did a big trip down to Lake Victoria about 27k! A phone call from Narelle just after we had left telling me that I had left my bottle of Glenfiddich & Bird book there. Said we would turn around but they said they would come for drive as had not been there for a long time.
There was nobody there when we arrived but a family arrived wanting to set their tent up right we were parked. Said we were leaving in the morning so they slept under the stars right at the back of our van – had a lot of stuff to move in the am for us to reverse to get back on the track to leave. A nice family so they did not bother us but they soon had their ski boat out & roaring up the lake.

The Dawson river & Callide Creek both run into this lake & the locals commented that if there was a deluge in the Kroombit Tops ranges to get our of here immediately.
A big trip the next morning down to Biloela & intended staying behind the Information centre for a couple of nights to do some washing etc. It is $15/pn with a returnable $10 deposit for the entry key. The council has made them do a lot of work to get up to Caravan park standards & it will be a nice spot once they get some grass growing. There are even grey water buckets provided to collect your water & 2 days stay allowed.

Paying guests can wander around the grounds & look in the old buildings at any time so naturally Bruce went wandering around all the old machinery.

Travelling down from Wowan there are many paddocks with this tree for cattle feed.

A few “old” things in the couple of old buildings- a church & the railway shed.

After making use of the dump point & a bit of food shopping/fuel etc we headed south again to Monto for a couple of nights. The country had definately had more rain the closer we got to the coast.
We decided instead of driving through Thangool we would take the time to drive out to Mt Scoria CP. There really was nothing to see except the small Mt Scoria. Was only 14k return so all good.

Irrigated pastures

Railway sleepers being collected by a contractor & ready for shipment overseas apparently.

After leaving Monto & only 12k down the road, another big trip, we decided to spend the night at the Mulgildie Pub to unhook & drive out to the Bunyip Hole after having a beautiful Mackeral & salad meal for lunch for $10!

On the way back we stopped to watch these couple of foals- one too busy having a rest but the other one was playing with Mum who was having roll in the grass.

Noticed this odd thing in a paddock as we drove past. Wonder what it was ever used for?I have turned the 1st photo upside down to read the words.

Once we were off the highway we were on dirt road but knew it was a good solid road & not lot of ks either. Soon came to huge road works where there is a high level bridge going over the Burnett River.

The Burnett River here is a small stream.

Left Mulgildie about 9am & as usual the hills around Mt Perry were drier than out on the Burnett highway. Rosslyn Station used to be owned by 2 Spinster ladies known as Miss Agnes & Miss Winifred. I was in this old slab timber home many many years ago & would love to know whether anything has been done to it. The wind used to blow through the slabs! This is also a very cold part of Queensland.

Stopped for a cuppa at Rory Schuh Lookout before going down the range into Mt Perry.

Even though these hills are quite often bare it is very good cattle country.

There are a couple of Olive groves along the way as well as cattle. The Hall photo should have read” Dances there in the 1950s-1960s. “
Pulled into Gin Gin rest area for the night & it was very crowded- about various vehicles here. A lot of families returning home at the end of the school hols.
I went for a walk down to the Gin Gin Creek bed to check out where we used to swim back in the 40s-50. Only a stream at the moment but in the 2013 the water was half way up the walls of the Reviver Driver shed.

There was a beautiful sunset with the smoky haze from bush fires.

[wowan lake victoria biloela monto mt perry gin