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March 12, 2013


What an awful start to our time on the road- raining cats & dogs all the way to cousin’s home at Cordalba. Took us nearly 7 hours to travel 280klms.
Was good to see them again & as usual Noela had dinner cooking. We decide to hit the sack about 9 as had not much sleep the night before with the rain pelting down on the van roof. What an awful surprise I found when taking the bedspread off bed- my side was wet, pillow wet, padded bedhead wet! Ugh. Admittedly we had been driving into very heavy rain all the way. Have had some moisture in the front window but nothing to this extent.
TUESDAY 26.2.13
We called into Traditional Canvas on way into Bundaberg next morning & got a quote from Simon (made annex for us) to fit a bra across the front- $330. There is no way rain will come in here now! Window permanently shut but we very seldom opened it anyway. Also took Engel to get it checked as not getting as cold on freezer as it should.
Settled in on friend’s front lawn- or rather on the roadside as just too wet to park on footpath this trip.
Wednesday we did the rounds of friends as well as witnessing the devastation to North Bundaberg- looks like a war zone. There is still soooooo much work to be done- it will take months & some will never recover or move back into their homes. River is on the rise again with a lot more water to come down from upstream.
Sun shining occasionally this morning.
Thurday morning we left Linda & Gordon’s to go park on another footpath at Doreen & Mervyn’s until Monday. Collected Engel- $700 new compressor & fan. What’s a few more dollars down the drain but probably fortunate that this needed to be attended to now & not half way across the desert.
After checking temperature on Engel Friday mornin it is still not as cold as should be, so shall have to return to repairer on Monday- gave 12 mths warranty. Very frustrating just sitting around in this dam rain.
Funeral in Mt Perry cancelled this afternoon because of the weather so had a cuppa with another Bundy friend. Weather still can not decide what it is going to do.
SUNDAY 3.3.13
Had morning tea with Ann & Doug then out to Heather & Keith’s for lunch followed by another cuppa with Myrle & Kev then up to Duffs but declined any more “cuppas”- these are neighbours when we lived here in Bundaberg.
MONDAY 4.3.13
Left cousin Mervyn & Doreen McLellan’s this morning & straight back to Barron Electrical to complain about the Engel- no difference what so ever.
They did not replace lid seal as asked to do in the first place. Got a new seal- did not pay for this- then down the Innis Park.

From front garden at friend’s at Coral Cove- the sea was still very dirty & rough.

Bruce commented that the clutch was not feeling right when reversing up driveway so going to see Greg Olive . Maybe another $1000 to fork out!
TUESDAY 5.3.13
The Engel is now down to minus 20 which is what it should be, so we are going back to Barron & asking some money back. Not happy Jan.
They offered to replace the old unit or give us a credit of $170 which we accepted- just in case the old unit was on “it’s way out!” Has been running perfectly since the new lid seal.
Last night with friends & had a “seafood day”. We were given a cooked lunch of fish then for dinner we had scallops, calamari (yuk) & prawns.
Got away from Coral Cove by 7.30am. Decided to check out if Grunskie’s Seafood were open which they were, so I got a supple of fresh fish, prawns & scallops for the road.
Attended cousin’s funeral in Mt Perry then on to Ban Ban Springs for the night. Oh, the work needed to restore fences on properties we passed- Blaizeaid will certainly be kept busy.

These two photos are at Wondai.

We were the only ones at Ban Ban, apart from semis coming & going all night!
Travelled to Goomeri then Murgon, Wondai, Kingaroy & spending the night at Kumbia. The damage to roads, bridges etc along this road is unbelievably! You can see flood debris up to, at a guess, 10 ft along some of the flats- half way up big trees.
Sunday we left Kumbia, still drizzling rain, and into Dalby for a few groceries- now in nice sunshine. Found out that the road directly south through Cecil Plains to Millmeran was open so that is the way we went- anything to keep of the major highways. These roads are generally in better condition that the highways because of the lack of semis, even though they might only be 12’ wide.

Millmeran water tower.
From Millmeran we kept going south to Inglewood then west to Yelarbon where we have stayed three times on previous trips. The site is at the Recreational Grounds & the gardens surrounding the amenity block are always well looked after, the amenities always spotless, showers very hot, soft water. They are now in the process of installing a second shower.
All of this including power for $10. There is a walking path around various lakes on either side of the highway & I had the company of a local lady on Sunday morning.

When we left Yelarbon we decided to avoid the highway again & take the Border Rivers tourist drive to Goondiwindi- this area is full if cacti of various kinds.

The Woobly Boot Hotel is at Boggabilla.


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