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May 3, 2013

SUNDAY 28.4.13

Friday morning we headed into the city of Adelaide for a Dr’s visit. Did a little looking around Mt Barker on the way in, thinking that we had plenty of time. About 7klms from the address for the surgery happened to look at the piece of paper which Dot had written down the time for appointment. Oops! had 1 min, and not 1hour 1min to get to surgery. Fortunately the phone number was on the paper so quickly rang them, saying we were 5.6 klms away & would be there ASAP- held up in traffic! Little white lies. Was told not to hurry as she was still with her previous patient. Whew!
Also managed to get Bruce into see Dr- needed antibiotics for an occasional problem which occurs. Because of where we are headed- across some 1800ks of desert- the Dr gave him a regulation 24 script.
We had intended detouring to Mt Stirling for a look on the way home but that did not happen. We decided to put the Radiology address in Navman to check out where I have to go Monday. Stupid thing took us about 20 klms where it should have been 3klms. Anyway finally got home to a beautiful roast chicken meal, thanks to Dot & George.
Yesterday, Saturday we decided to visit Mt Barker again for a look around & a little shopping- realized that I had not really packed myself many winter clothes! Needed some more comfortable pants to travel in than uncomfortable jeans.
Some Strathalbyn photos.

To-day, Sunday, Bruce has been having fun helping Dot with some “gardening”. Friends Chuck & Catriana arrive here in the am and we leave here Wednesday.
Monday was back into the city for Ultrasound to hip which included a very painful Cortisone injection. Probably should have had the second one which the Dr wanted to insert into another spot but I declined thank you very much- in hindsight I should not have refused! The Dr warned me that hip would be painful for 24-36 hours.
Anyway, the next morning I found out how right his statement was! For our “farewell dinner” we had a combined efffort. I cooked a home grown lamb roast on the BabyQ (still learning) but it was so tender. Thanks to “Lochearn’ family for this meat. Catriana did the roast veges as well as an Apple Crumble with Dot’s home cooked custard. By the way, George went out to buy ice-cream for the men!
By yesterday, Wednesday there was a marked improvement in my hip.
We were on the road by lunch time. The difference a few mls of rain makes to the hillsides

We were heading back into the winery regions again & the autumn colours were a sight to see.

We arrived at Birdwood which is where the National Motor Museum is situated. Even though we had told Chris & Val we would be at Springwood by about 2pm we decided to inspect the Motor Museum.
What an array of vehicles & the immaculate condition they are restored to. Could have taken so many photos but restrained myself.

We were looking for the restored mail truck which Tom Kruse used to deliver mail up the Birdsville track. Could not see it anywhere so asked an employee. It was in the workshop being worked on for another display but he took us in to have a look which was really appreciated.

Memories of my red Vespa!
Drive In theatre memories as well as a coin Jukebox. How many coins did we insert into these to hear our favourite song in a cafe!

After a couple of hours wandering, the hip was telling me that I had done enough walking!

Arrived to spend a couple of nights here at Springton, a tiny old “village” which if you blinked, you would be through the main street before you realised it. Chris & Val welcomed us with a cuppa – in front of a fireplace. Heaven, even though it was not really cold. Chris had dinner cooked for us as well so after a cuppa it was “drinkies” time then dinner with another drink! Exited this lovely old home (about 100 years) to go to the van- yes it was cool outside. Put the thermometer on the back of the van & it showed 4 degrees at 5am yesterday morning- back to bed quickly with a cuppa!
Last night when we came outside after dinner, about 7.30, it was down to 4 then down to 2 degrees by about 9pm. Very grateful this morning that only came down to 8 degrees.
Have had some great discussions regarding upcoming trip across the desert as well as info about other roads/tracks to each other.

Many thanks Chris & Val for your hospitality once again and will talk at Ayres Rock ?
Happy birthday to our oldest grandson Trent who turns 12 to-day.


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