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April 6, 2013

These were the last night at Gentle Annie.

After spending 5 nights here at Gentle Annie we were now on the road to Castlemaine, with various stops before we got there. We had to retrace our steps back to Moyhu where we turned west towards the Hume highway, going through Benallla before getting onto the highway- traffic again-ugh! Before we got to the highway we were passing dry paddocks with cattle & sheep. At Seymour down the highway we spent time at the Information Centre filling water tanks etc. Had to walk a distance to do some grocery shopping as parking with a van was difficult.

This guy is beside the Info centre in Seymour.

This Lockup is also beside the Information centre at Seymour. We were travelling with Catriana & Chuck & decided to have lunch here in Seymour.
Instead of travelling on major highways we once again headed directly west to Tooborac then up to Heathcote. The country through here is very dry. After Heathcote we headed SW towards Castlemaine.

Lemonade scones for afternoon tea.

We did the town walk around Castlemaine- such old building with wonderful wrought iron lace on balconies.

Dinner last night around the fire, while looking at the sunset. Just as well as there are folk like us, as someone has to suffer this life! Just wonderful to wake up each day above the ground. We heard this saying & thought that it is so true.

This morning it was date as well as lemonade scones for morning tea.

Lobbies from a farmer’s dam (with permission) being prepared for marination in cream & garlic-yum. Unfortunately one latched onto the finger!

This Chev is in one of the many Antique, second hand shops in Castlemaine. Do you remember the “times tables?”


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