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September 22, 2016

After a week in Townsville with Stacey, Sean & family as well as visiting very old (in time)friend as well as her family we left for Charters Towers again.
We had a day at the block which hopefully we will be at on the next Townsville visit!.

The swing was just put up for the children!
Once again a great day with old (in time) friend from Primary school then nursing. Had to have a bubbly with lunch of course.

Into town to take photos of this old hotel for Bruce’s cousin then a drive along the strand- just no where to park!

As usual Townsville is in desperate need of rain. The further west we got towards Charters Towers the drier it became. They are in a green drought as a few showers have made things green.
We decided to spend a few nights at Macrossan to enable us to do the touristy things here, which we had not done on previous visits- just passed through. There are cold showers here with flush toilets but that is all- my hot shower in the van was used instead as we would be able to fill up in Charters Towers.
We had never done the 40k trip into the Historic town of Ravenswood so at the last minute we turned off the highway and decided to have lunch at the old pub.

Finally at Macrossan beside the Burdekin river. Not a lot of travellers here now as getting late in the season.

These couple of tables are down on the lower level beside the river & a bit past use by & overrun with grass & sand from various floods.

This last one is a Calatropia (Milk weed).

Old & new train bridges with the road bridge in the background. This is the flood height sign beside the river. 2011 up at the top!

Fred was my second cousin.
The first day into town we decided to take the Venus Battery tour. What a lot of work to extract a small amount of gold!. A few photos of the process with our tour guide. I think the coloured photos are called Holograms! For a comprehensive story check out the website.

Even a resident barn Owl in the rafters.

The Towers Hill was another spot to see Charters Towers from a height.

There are dozens of the bunkers all over the hills.
There are so many old buildings here it is difficult to know what to include.

The grumpy boat sign below in on the way in to town from Macrossan!

I revisited the cemetery to get photos of a plaque which I had made on a previous visit & thanks to another 2nd cousin Betty who collected it from the person who made it for me & she took it out to the cemetery to be placed at the grave of my Grandmother’s long lost half brother. No one in the family had any idea, after about 1894 when he was banished by his stepfather- after he had pierced Grandma’s ears with a cork & darning needle. This was told to a family member by Grandma. I eventually traced his grave here through Genealogical cemetery records.

A couple more “oldies”

I also managed to get a book written by a relative of mine called THE LONG GOODBYE by P.J. Parker. It is about the long suffering of her mother, my 2nd cousin, who suffered with severe dementia.
I read it in 24 hours. The Newsagency got more copies in the morning we were leaving.

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