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September 22, 2016

I am only doing this great spot in this blog. We had a wonderful 4 hours beginning with Billy tea & damper just out of the camp ovens, butter & syrup then home made Anzac biscuits& Texan brownies. This is one of the websites.

Being called for morning tea & Mick giving a talk on the property. This roo was rescued from its mother’s pouch after being hit by a car.

The number plate means Cadilac 1960 & is their family car. Morning tea under the trees.

They had the Chuck Wagon made especially for the station.
While the first tour was in process- 3 tours with 10 each time- we were given a talk in the saddle store & shown how the saddles were made.Mick makes them identical to the original & they are so beauiful.

They have a well stocked store with beautiful leather products. Bruce got himself a belt & as I needed a new wallet- why not!.
This Squatters chair looked so inviting while waiting for the wagon to come back. Before the 3 tours started there was the mandatory group photo & one by Mick on the tour.

The following ones are just a few i took of the cattle with “JR.
This is his Guiness Book of records certificate.

The ones with the straight horns are American Bison.
Back to morning tea. Mick has a few replica guns which most of us got photos with- not that I like guns at any time.


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