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September 22, 2016


We took our time packing up at Macrossan as only had to fill up with water & the dump point then going as far as Cape river rest area, getting thereabout lunch time & there were 5 others already set up for the night. This is not a big area either. The toilets are clean as were the tables under cover. They certainly need the rain around here but as we got further south you could see where there has been a few showers.
Onto Belyando crossing for a cuppa & here you have to pay to use the toilets. In 2008 we stayed in the tiny van park with showers & potable water for $15 with lovely folk in the servo. Am told it is now $25/pn. Still a cheap park if you are not set up with solar etc etc. Our next stop was Clermont, hoping that the new info centre would be open but no such luck- closed due to sickness! Ah well, around the corner to the servo again for the night with their great showers then into town to the dump point & top up the water.
No photos here as all in the previous blog.
Instead of going straight down the highway to Emerald we decided to do a diversion into Lilyvale waterhole which I read about on Wikicamps. Asked at the store at Capella for exact directions.The road does a loop from Capella into the Lilyvale then back out to the highway so we headed that way.
This is a huge area, level green grass & only one other traveller there so we had plenty of room to park by ourselves. There are no facilities but if desperate in a storm you could drive under the huge shelter shed- van as well.
There was a mine person coming around, day & night, so we stopped him to ask why at night as well. Apparently the solar panel from the top of the water tower was being stolen & that is what they are checking. The man works for a security firm employed by the mines.
There was not lot of bird or water bird life while we were there.

Because it was so peaceful we stayed 2 nights here, the 2nd night by ourselves. There is no mine noise to hear but maybe the weekend could get noisy with locals coming out to ride motorbikes around according to the security officer.
Next morning down to Emerald then east to Blackwater for, once again, water & the dump point. WE knew Robyn & Bob were at Bedford so guess were we headed again? yes, Bedford. There were not a lot of vans here now as most southerners have gone home.
Getting off this trip for a moment- for got to mention in the previous post about Bedford about the fire. Middle of the day, gusty winds, man lights his choofer right beside the long dry grass & guess what- it got into the grass. Bruce grabbed the garden sprayer which was full of water, others grabbed shovels etc & Lyn bought at hose over from the Caretakers tap. They got it out eventually. Believe me Bruce, as well as the others, were not happy campers. A couple of days before that another one had lit a fire at 9am under same conditions but this one was beside us.
Now Bruce does not loose his cool often but told the one whose fire got away he was a “bloody idiot”. He very sheepishly apologised.
That is my rant for to-

It was good to catch up again with Robyn & Bob. About the only photos I took this time were of Percy Peacock (we christened him that) . He is very obviously the oldest even though some of the younger males are now growing their back feathers & starting to strut around the females. There are 18 here now & they, even the young ones, are wandering around all the vans morning & afternoon. There has only been one night when they have been extremely noisy.

There are also a pair of Lorikeets which appeared each afternoon – loved the grain they were given & sit on your arm to be fed.
Did a huge wash & Robyn was using my machine spinner to save getting hers out when my spinner decided that it was not going to work- still towels to spin. Bob got Robyn’s out & we finished using hers. Hopefully Bruce can get the back off mine & fix or looks like a new one! I guess it has had 6 years of work as well as the shaking around over rough roads. Sure hope that I can still buy the same tiny twin tub machine.
Because the weather was still doubtful the 4 of us only went as far as Bluff- about 50k! Had dinner that evening at the pub & it was a perfectly cooked roast & a very lightly battered whiting. The meals were not oversize. Graham, the host, was a perfect gentleman & could not do enough when you first park up down the back of his pub. The showers are available until 8.30am until after cleaning, clean toilets- all you need for the night.

We said good bye to Robyn & Bob as they were heading home to NSW, or trying to as they had to work out the way where the roads were not flooded.
We headed down to the Neville Hewitt weir at Baralaba for a couple of nights before visiting 2nd cousins at Wowan.

The park here has coin showers, hot but not lot of pressure & only 1 flush toilet for male & female.
Not a lot to photograph here. Wandered up town which is about a 30 min walk . This orchid is in the tree beside us as was the Kooka.

The Rainbow Bee-eaters were in a house yard a long way from the road & there are signs everywhere about trespassing. A couple of the trees are different so can not name them but & I have not seen the flowers of the bottle tree before so that was a first.
From a long distance this leaf looked like a bird waiting to be fed but I was mistaken.

The park from the road into town & a couple of the algea covered Dawson river.

[lilyvale neville hewitt weir


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