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September 22, 2016

We arrived back at Bedford Weir again on the 12th August with Catriana & Chuck. A couple of days later Lorraine & Peter (Bundaberg relatives) arrived on their way home- only staying one night but stayed more. Thanks Peter & Chuck for the funniest of days!!!!! A pity nobody could be convinced to put the line in though! We had a fire going everyday. The day before Lorraine & Peter left, Bundaberg friends Mel & Rocky arrived as well, also on their way home.
We were parked like the wagons used to in the old days with fire in the middle.
Once the sun vanished it always got a bit chilly as there was a breeze as well- Lorraine shielding her neck. Peter- what concentration!

Trina toasting herbed bread for nibbles.
Below is Mel’s crazy ladybug bought at Mindal Markets in Darwin.

A few of the flowers not in bloom.

Trina inspecting the huge root system of this tree- after many floods removing the dirt. It is beside the Mackenzie river below the weir. This looks like a huge mole!

Our circle of sensor lights.
Another couple from SA arrived a couple of days before we left- Dot & George then we also met friends of Dot’s who also arrived. The day we had planned to leave & head north there was enough rain to make everything wet so we finally left on the 28th.
Travelled north from Bedford instead of going into Emerald then up to Clermont. The road took us up past the Coal seam gas fires again& into Tieri, another very tidy mine “town”. Out on the highway again at Capella.

A few of the spring flowers at Capella.

As we had been through Clermont a few times we parked up behind the BP servo, well away from the road & the truckies as it is a huge area. I went into ask about paying for showers but there is no charge for showers. Well, what great showers- the showers rose are at least 8’ across with force & very hot! Amenities all very clean as well. We had a typically huge “truckie” meal & took home enough for another meal each!. These fridge containers run continually if they are full of roos & wild pigs.

We decided to have lunch there & this was a typical Truckie size meal- enough rissoles with veges for the next day!

Drove out to the Copperfield chimney & where the township used to be situated.

Back into town & to the water tap to refill & the dump point. These are beside a beautiful lake with many ducks of all colours & sizes, some of them domestic ducks as well. I noticed the locals wander down here to feed them frequently. Even a different “old duck!

A couple of these took a breather for me.

We had a wander down the street to the railway station to have a look at these murials beside the old station. They depict the life of the farmer, mining & the days gone by.

The well photographed piano in the tree.

These Plumed ducks were in a water hole at the back of the servo- there were hundreds of them.

I eventually found a track right to the waters edge the next morning but there were only about 3 there this time.

Not sure about the small duck but maybe an Australasian Grebe!

Poor photo but same duck as above.



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