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August 22, 2016

Well we had been told to get into German Creek look for the water on the left & turn right up over the railway line. We both had co-ordinates in our GPS & neither agreed with that ! Went right past the correct turn so had to find somewhere to do a u-turn with the vans. We finally did a turn after crossing the railway line where we could just turn then back on to the highway. Back to the correct spot to turn & the road in was not the best but only about very short so all was good.

This was taken from the dam wall.

Catriana & I went for a walk out across the dam wall for a different view.

The first evening the sunset was OK

The next morning a very heavy for rolled over.

Not a great variety of bird/water life here-Plovers, Grebes,Butcher birds, Magpies, PeeWees,the usual Crows, Swans, Cormorants, Pelicans.

This pair were keeping an eye on their nest.

This unusual bird appeared the first morning!

We were told about this abandoned Boondoora Motorcycle club house so went walking through another fence & finally found it.

This was the stove in the kitchen we are presuming. These reels would make great outdoor tables!

This poor Cormorant must have injured this wing as continually dragging beside it but it can still fly.

Sunset the 2nd night here was much better. Hues of sunrise the next morning.

We were soon on the road again on the way to Moranbah. We were wondering talking on the UHF & wondering whether we were on the correct road when a friendly truckie interrupted us asking where were were going- he assured us we were going the right way. Get away from the main coastal highways & the truckies are very friendly & always willing to have a chat on the UHF.
Travelling along & passing a few coal mines when in front of us there appeared a flame from a Coal seam gas line- missed the photo but gont the next one.

We were soon at Bedford Weir again as it was only 87ks.

[German Creek AKA Boondoora


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  1. dot permalink

    good photography for sure

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