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August 21, 2016

Continuing our time with Catriana & Chuck, Dee & Greg, Maree & Dave, Robyn & Bob, May & Bill before we left to go our separate ways once again.
Breakfast was supposed to be on the fire Sunday morningbut the weather was not looking too good so I cooked ours in the annex. This was our Sunday lunch & Chuck was cooking “brunch”for he & Catriana.
The top of the Bedourie camp oven makes a great frying pan!

Catriana & I went for a walk as far as we could up to the bird sanctuary (apparently)We had to watch that we did not step in the cow poo as the amount would have grown great gardens!

It looks as though we do is eat but not so!

My turn at Klob- Bob’s photo.

Until we meet again May & Bill- you were great company. They only live about 20 ks from our home!

We went into Mackay with the CCs for a day trip- about 240k each way if my memory is correct. I had a beautiful Chinese meal for lunch which I had been wanting for ages.
Cariana & I bought a new card game called Skip-Bo. Well it took us ages to work out the rules until a lady walking by, who had played it, stopped & gave us some hints. We now know this complicated game which is very good & takes a lot of concentration.
We also played Five Crowns & Rummikub to wile away the hours.
A few photos along the way to Mackay, passing through cattle country then the familiar cane fields with the mills in full swing.

After Sunday there was only Catriana & Chuck & us left there. We intended to stay until after the Census, the forms being delivered on Monday. We dutifully completed them Tuesday & posted them at Moranbah on our way down to German Creek AKA Lake Maraboon, for couple of nights.
We did some grocery shopping at Moranbah as well as having pie at the Bakery for morning tea! Next we had to find German Creek which apparently is not well signed. Next blog.

[Lake Elphinstone]


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