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August 21, 2016

After a couple of nights at Monto we again headed north & it was much nicer to see everywhere green since the recent rain. Not many photos taken between here & Dingo where we spent the next night at a huge area behind the Dingo Servo. Many trucks but room enough to get down the back. Saved our water & had a great hot shower there then an evening meal.


Next day was about 300k up the road to our stop for the night at a huge gravel pit beside a Telstra tower! Full phone & internet so caught up on emails etc. You have to see it to believe the mess people leave at these areas.

More than likely a caravanner who has changed his water filter & thrown over the fence! Have to also say that there were many disposable nappies (children’s) & oldies do not use those. This would be private property as there were cattle a little further in the trees. A very peaceful night even though beside the main road.
Our next top was at Nebo for the dump point & a few photos.

We were soon at Lake Elphinstone & there were about 120 vans there! had to do a couple of circuits to find a spot large enough for about 4 more arriving in the next couple of days, which we managed to do. We did not get water front but second row back which was good enough. Soon found out that its drawback was the dirt road in front of us but most drivers slow right down.There were 2 friendly couples in 2 big 5th wheelers between us & the water. There used to be a Donkey hot water system here which was kept going by folk stoking it with wood for hot water showers but apparently it was removed because of WHS (workplace, health & safety). There is now a new amenity block with cold showers & flush toilets.
The majority of travellers travel the 27k into Glenden to collect water but some decided to fill their vans from the shower taps! The water here is tanked out by the council so if it runs out there is no water for flush toilets!!! Have to go to Glenden to the dump point as well. Many of us used the Lake water for washing, washing up etc as it was quite clean. Eventually there were 10 of us & we had a great few days which included meeting May & Bill as we knew all the others.

The only problem here almost all day, every day was the wind so we eventually put up both end annex walls.

The vans above are only one end of the area- a very small amount. Bird above looks like a Lorikeet. Third photo she was getting away as fast as she could!

Redclaw for breakfast for this one.

The crows here were in abundance with at least 4 couples with nests that we could see.

The men were soon busy getting wood ready for our camp fires which Bruce made sure were well away from long grass & a deep enough hole dug, thanks to May & Trina.

Chuck, Bruce & Bill doing man’s work!

The 2 Labradoodles & small poodle belong to Dee & Greg & they would have to be the best behaved/obedient dogs we have ever seen on our travels.

To fill in a few hours before lunch or before happy hours we played KLOP. Google that to see how to play.

Now it was Robyn, Catriana & May’s turn.

The 2nd last photo shows a fog rolling along the lake then suddenly stopped, then vanished just as quickly to show the sun rising.


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