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August 15, 2016

We left our friends home, at Coral Cove Bundaberg, on the 19th July, after 2 weeks of visiting relatives & friends.

We were out for the day visiting a Lorraine & Peter, relatives and Peter made the comment that he had just installed a diesel heater in their van. Naturally Bruce asked if he would mind helping Bruce with ours so the van was bought in to their home in Bundaberg & work began- it would have taken Bruce days but Peter knew what he was doing & we cannot thank him enough.

Getting things ready for installation of the heater. Peter was still working after dark & not quiet finished so we slept there for the night. The next morning it was finished.
We had been invited out for Breakfast so I had a friend collect me & Bruce came later when the van was finished.

Our first stop was at Wallaville (50k) for a night at Bruce’s cousin’s property. This turned out to be 4 nights! Day after we got there Bruce realized that he had not handed in his Pension card for a prescription so phone call to chemist in Bundaberg- all good just come back to town for refund which was $130. Ok, leave the next day but no- he work up with his first attack of Vertigo so that day was spent in bed. This property is opposite Trevor’s at Wallaville.

Got the reflections of these 2 bridges over Currajong Creek which is at the bottom of Wallaville. I can remember my father catching Mullet here, which used to have be soaked in milk to remove the muddy taste! The road bridge in the photo replaced a low level cause way over the creek & was often flooded. The tram bridge is used to transport the sugar cane bins.

On the other side of Trevor’s home is a Blueberry farm which was only started last year.

These 3 are last November & now all of these pots, which the plants are left in, are now covered with shade cloth.
A couple of photos from in Wallaville which have a soft spot in my heart. My Grandparents used to own the Post Office – learnt how to use the old fashioned manual exchange- the butcher shop & leased the pub for a few years.

These are 2 of the halls where we used to go to Saturday night dances if not the pictures.

Took a drive out from Gin Gin to where m childhood farm was “RICHILL” but it certainly did not live up to it’s name. My Grandfather named it after the village in Ireland where he came from .

AS we had the van on, had we gone further we would not have been able to turn around. I took the 2nd photo from where we had to walk to catch the school bus into Gin Gin.

It was hard yakka back then cutting &loading sugar cane by hand! The tall pole behind the house was a radio aerial.

Finally got away on Saturday 23rd. Quick stop at Gin Gin, my old home town for the dump point & headed towards Mt Perry.

Gin GIn has a wonderful bakery at the bottom end of Mulgrave Street a well as a cafe in a part of the building which used to be a garage belonging to my Mum’s sister & husband many many years ago. This Hardware store was the garage with the building next to it previously a picture theatre owned by them as well. I used to sell tickets on a Saturday night! Naturally entertainment was here every Saturday night with Wednesday showings as well. You could hear the music before & at interval right down the street as Uncle Noel used to have it over a loud speaker. A certain song meant interval was over & to hurry back from the cafe!

Because of recent rains the country was looking lovely with fat cattle everywhere. Stopped for a cuppa at Mt Perry & also to the servo to check out the road we wanted to take to Monto.All good.


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