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May 28, 2016


We are here until the 1st June & luckily the Council has a permanent caretaker arriving this weekend. The past 10 weeks has been an experience to say the least,but it is something we would not care to do on a full time basis- probably never again. Took it on as we were filling in time waiting for appointments at home before heading north for the winter.
We expected the number of travellers would be more than there has been- southerners heading north but maybe the late winter has been the reason. We have met some great couples, men & ladies travelling by themselves as well as some a little hard to “take to”.
Not a lot to photograph here & I think that I have caught every type of birds that are here- not a lot of water species though. Many travellers have tried to catch fish & redclaw but no one has been successful except a local who came out last weekend. He appeared at our van with a Yellow belly as he had been catching a few- it could not have been any fresher as it was still moving! That was dinner that night even though we were going to have redclaw!

This is a reflection photo. Those birds are reflected in the water- there was not a ripple on the river. Breakfast then morning tea last Sunday morning.

These peacocks were being annoyed by the Apostle birds (happy family) ! They really are annoying birds. As you can see by their plumage they have not reached full maturity – still beautiful to see though. They were stamping their feet & going round in circles- should have used movie setting but never thought about doing that!
When we arrived there were only 8 males & 2 females wandering around morning & afternoon but about 2 week ago a couple of Peahens appeared from out of the long grass with 5 chicks. They were very shy but now are starting to wander around the vans.

We have been here for 3 full moons & I love my camera which has a special “moon” setting.

These Crows were having a conversation just out side our van.

The Magpie was not letting the crows get at the lamb leg I had thrown out . Oops that photo should say KEEPING, not FEEPING!

I hope that I have named these birds correctly- still new at photographing birds & identifying them but am enjoying this hobby! Bruce even a interested.

The huge grass nest I noticed this morning for the first time & have no idea what it belong to!
A couple of weeks we heard a cat early in the evening & thought it would be a feral cat. That turned out very differently. The next night it wandered into our annex & promptly fell asleep on Bruce’s feet!
Obviously this was a dumped house cat & very hungry so I made it some milk & got some dog food (for redclaw!)- that did not last long. A few days later Kay (ranger) arrived for a check on the camp) so she sent a cat cage out with a council worker for us to put the cat in that Sunday night & she would come to get it Monday morning. Got a phone call the next day saying she had a home for him. He was a beautiful cat but I am allergic to cats so he got no nurses from me.


FInal day here at Bedford Weir to be spent removing the horrible coal dust – around these mines would be a very dirty place to live, without a doubt! Only one awning wall left to clean as well as our floor matting. Dropped down 9 degrees this morning at 5am after 30 yesterday & 17 yesterday morning!
A woman who works in Blackwater & her son have moved here to care take for a few months so hope all goes well with them.
We had a couple call in Thursday for 2 nights- have had contact via a caravanning forum so it was good to put a name to faces. That has happened twice now since getting here.
A couple of my “last photos” from here- full moon, sunrise & fire.

The Figbird was looking for water in the flowers the realised that the rain gauge was full! The Apostle birds kept knocking the water over that i put out so had to put a stone in the container. Any other birds try for a drink but that is impossible with these birds- they are real bullies!
Probably bored you silly with bird photos but not a lot of other things to do here. Certainly have to thank the ABID group on Facebook for all their help.


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  1. Kaye smith page permalink

    Thanks kay great read. How many birds are there. OMG!!!!! Lol. Keep warm. Xx

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