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Blackwater Mine Tour

May 25, 2016

We managed to get 2 seats on the mine tour bus so decided to do the trip with others from out here at Bedford. We left the International Coal Centre about 9.30 &returned by 1pm. The tour guide was a wealth of knowledge & I should have done this blog that night-not 2 weeks later. When the tour at the mine had finished she rang the cafe at the Coal centre with orders for us all for Toasted sandwiches for lunch- they were ready when we got back to town.

This photo is how safety conscious the mine management is at all times.

The mine we were at is about 25ks north of Bluff.

We had to stop at the main office to get our helmets, goggles & vests before heading out. As I am not technically minded & there were no pamplets with info this blog will be mainly photos.


Jellinbah Mine is located on the Tropic of Capricorn, near Bluff and the product coal is hauled by rail to the Port of Gladstone, approximately 300 km from the mine.The mine has been in operation since 1989. It is an open cut operation with overburden drilling and blasting, followed by conventional removal with truck and shovel and dozer push.Jellinbah Coal is a low volatile bituminous coal with high specific energy, low ash and sulphur. With these properties it is ideally suited to pulverised coal injection, blending for coke making and special coal boilers.The mine has a current production capacity of approximately 4.6Mtpa.

All mines are really into revegetating the areas in which the mining has finished. Evident in the following 2 photos

This one is called Rejuvinated Hill!

.After the trucks have had their load sprayed they travel out to the over head shute at Blackwater where the coal is loaded on to the coal trains.


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