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May 2, 2016

30th April

There are quite a few different birds but only a couple that are new to me. Not a lot of water species though. I have enjoyed the walks as soon as I can see in the mornings & that is now getting as late as 6.15 but thankfully the temp has only gone down to 17 degrees so far, with the days still getting up to the 30 mark. The most we have had in at one night has been 19 with only a few staying for more than a couple of days. Have been taking my camera most mornings & sure enough, the one morning no camera, a pair of Porcupine/ Echidna came out of the grass in front of me- do not know who got the biggest fright, them or me! They very quickly turned around & back where they came from.
This joey never left its mother side but they did not move as I walked past.

There are only a few different butterflies but the tiny white & yellow ones are everywhere.

Hate spiders but there are some pretty ones around which I have seen in the early mornings.

Caught the early morning sun shining through the web above towards the Dragon flower. Have been told that this fruit on the Dragon flower is edible – cut one but very bitter so maybe not ripe enough!

Apparently I am correct with the names of these Egret & Heron. They are in the water below the weir outlet waiting for fish to come through- with no success while I was watching. They might have had to go without breakfast that day.
There is one Kite which appears evening & morning every day.

This Galah was having trouble balancing on the tip of this branch! The 2nd one is a Forest Kingfisher, thanks to Australian bird identification .

This Ibis was in the Council chambers front garden.
# 2 &3 below I have not named yet?

We had the sprinkler going in the garden & these Little Friarbirds & the Blue Honeyeaters were having fun until the Apostle birds arrived & chased them away.

The couple of pelicans that are here are always hanging around these darters to try to take any catch from them.

I am reliably informed that these are White-breasted Wood Swallows. Aren’t they adorable?

The one below I did not know where to look for this one either but once told it was easy to identify. There had not been a lot of Galahs – could hear them often enough but they descended into the garden one afternoon for a pick at the white weed which had come out in flower.

The funniest thing happened a couple of afternoons ago. The Apostle birds started annoying a couple of Peacock which had their tails up ( the first time since we have been here) . One of them just wandered off but the other one was not letting the annoying birds chase him. He stood his ground & furiously started stamping his feet. This went on for about 5 mins.

They are so beautiful to watch .

These are a couple of creepy crawling things we had to get out of the men’s showers.

This “moth” made itself at home under our awning. From a distance it looked like a brown frog so had to take a photo to prove to the boss that it was a moth.

We have been here for 2 beautiful full moons, the last one being the “pink” moon.

As we are here until the end of May will possible do another blog before we leave- depends what happens & what I find!


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