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April 30, 2016


This weir is a man made impoundment on the MacKenzie River 26ks north of Blackwater. It is suitable for overnight stays or up to 7 days. It is signed as free by the council but there is a donation box for those who so desire!

Since we have been caretaking here the number doing this has been about 40% of travellers & locals combined. As the local ski club is here it is a popular spot at weekends. Some folk have luck fishing & trying to get redclaw but not a lot!
This place has a history of its own. In 1867 the Gold Escort murders were committed, near the Bedford Arms Hotel.

Hard to photograph through the glass.

Looking back up to the higher ground level of the camp site. This flat area is between there & the river.

There is another tragic story with the weir wall. A few years ago there was a family swimming below the wall when one of the bags on the wall top (used to increase the water held) burst & the 5 year old girl was drowned & they found her body down stream lodged in a tree.

What a difference a day makes. 100ml rain upstream.

The causeway was shut for a couple of days & there is now nothing running over the weir wall.
Sunrise one morning

And a sunset. The second one below is before sunrise from the weir wall back up the river- so peaceful before the breeze starts.

Caught these roos having a fight or playing early one morning. I made sure I kept my distance. Good right hook in the 2nd photo!

The strength in their tails! The Roos nearby were not in the least bit interested in what was happening.
This Osprey was enjoying his breakfast of a huge catfish 2 mornings runnings.

These peacocks & hens- 8 males & 2 females- visit every morning & afternoon. For the first time a couple of days ago there appeared 3 hens, each with chicks.They did not venture too far from the long grass & wander through the park to say hello .

One hen had 1 chick while the other 2 had 2 each. Apparently there was a pair bought out here a few years ago & these are the off spring.
The Sulphur Crested-cockatoos, Crows & kookaburras are all good alarm clocks whether you wish to be woken or not!

I had never seen the “pink” bird before. As I did not know what family to look in in my bird book I had to ask on the Australian Bird Identification group on FB. It is a Nankeen Night-Heron.
More on the next blog at Blackwater.


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