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April 25, 2016

As we still 2 nights to go before meeting friends & there was a rest area on top of the Staircase range- with apparently wonderful sunrises so naturally I wanted to stop for the night. It got very black looking overhead as well as windy. Awning in to prepare for a blow but it was not too bad- van rocked a bit as well as some very heavy rain for an hour during the night.
Up early hoping that the cloud cover would have moved on but no such luck.

It was only about 40k up to Springsure so we did not hurry! Went out to the Lion’s park 3 k on the north side of Springsure to unhook the van to go up to the Virgin Rock & Mt Zamia which over looks Springsure. Once again there was some green beside the road & pastures so the cattle were in good condition.
The road up here is on the road west to Tambo from which we turned north towards Mt Zamia. We soon started to climb, sealed at first but the final few ks was gravel, narrow & winding.
The first stop was at Fred’s Gorge.

Still climbing & very slowly as road not the best.

A long way down!

We descended back to Tambo road & headed further west to see where the Cullin-la-ringo massacre was on 17th October 1861. 19 of the districts settlers were killed in a conflict with the local Aborigines.
This is just one of the headstones.

We did not venture in the long grass & the heat- thinking about those big things that crawl through the grass unseen! I had read about this massacre when I was a member of the Bundaberg Genealogical Assoc. Lone graves & lost burials was something we were all very keen to record.
Sorry that has absolutely nothing to do with this blog!
Back to the park for the night & waiting to see the lit up Virgin Rock we had heard & read about. Photo below shows where we were to-day!

To-morrow Emerald then Fairbairn Dam- Lake Maraboon resort.


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