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April 25, 2016


Well we got to Fairbairn dam about 10am & booked in. There were already 2 of the couples from Bundaberg here but our good friends were still on the way. We did have a “water front” site if you could call it that- could not see the water for the trees which Sunwater will not remove & the grass is very long & a good snake breeding ground! We had neighbours very close but that is to be expected in a caravan park. Fortunately where we were parked & the way we had set the van & Mel had their motorhome, the neighbours were behind us & we had this rather large area (full of bindies) for our happy hours & what ever else we decided to do.

Can’t remember the official name for this game but we called it skittles! It was a lot of fun & I am picking up a set when we get to Bundaberg in June. One of the men is making me a set the same as he made these.

Bruce having his turn- we all reckon that his ex-darts playing had us all at a disadvantage!

This particular afternoon we 4 ladies all did a different version of redclaw. There was cream & garlic, soy & honey, sweet chilli & crumbed. We got hot chips delivered from the restaurant as well as yellowbelly fish cut into bite size pieces & crumbed. We really had way too much!

The Lorikeets, crows & Sulphur –Crested Cockatoos( especially) are everywhere. Sit down to eat & you are bombarded by lorikeets stealing food out of your hand.

The cockatoos are a very destructive bird. They enjoy stripping the bark off the trees as well as wandering under our friend’s awning one morning & getting open a container with shortbread biscuits then scattering them a around the van, picking at every one. They were out in the boat & luckily I was having a cuppa under our awning. No sooner chased them away, looked over about 5 minutes later & they were trying to get into a bag of potatos!
The neighbours were feeding these birds twice a day- with white bread! Love the Kookaburras but many folk think that a 4.30 alarm call by about 8 of them was a bit early. Then the Cockys would start! It never bothered me as was always awake & probably sitting under the awning. Another lot of very annoying birds are the Apostle birds or Happy Family as they are known. We think their call is nearly as bad as the crow!

Not a lot of bird life on the water. A soon as they head the boat motor they took off.

Now the reason for going here for 2 weeks. REDCLAW. By the end of 9 days I did not care if I never saw another live creature again this year. The fingers were so sore from shelling them, even with gloves.

Some information about this Sunwater dam.

When we were there it had about 40% of its capacity.

Had to go into Emerald one day for food etc & guess who found a bakery!

A pretty tree.-

They even sell redclaw beer! All prices were reasonable & if you order takeaways it will be delivered to your van. Our last night we order a pizza & had it at the van- service. The staff here are so helpful. & polite, especially Rob the groundsman. One other thing- no TV but we hired a Co-ax cable for a $50 returnable deposit.
We left there on the 15th March & that is the last time we saw TV- not missing it all & today is the 25th April.




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