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April 25, 2016

This year we have decided to stay in our home state of Queensland, instead of heading down to the bottom half of Australia where winter is not nice for this cold frog! Since 2008 we have always managed to be in those parts of Australia, whether it be Victoria or over in western Australia. Not this year! Our 2 trips through the Great Central Road 2013 & the Gary Junction road last year were not as bad as I thought. These 2 roads/tracks traverse the country, both starting at Ayres rock with one going to Laverton WA & the other to Marble Bar WA. & basically passing through the deserts.
As we had not seen our daughter & her family in NSW since 22.4.15 that was a must for us before coming back up to QLD to start travelling.

A few of my usual photos at daughter’s. the sunrise/sets here are always so beautiful.

Their lamb supply on the move. These are the best lamb we have ever eaten. Louise was given those smelly, dirty Indian Running ducks for her birthday last year!

Jack Russel is the youngest of their 2 Jack Russels.
I went wandering one morning around all the old machinery for some photos. the stories these machines could tell!

And to-days header-

First time I have seen Cockateals here but they were in the hundreds-or so it seemed.

Took Grandson Matthew to cricket one day & saw him swimming another day. We do not get to see any of our grandies at their sports very often. Wicket keeper then bowling.

Matthew at last year of Primary school receiving his Vice –Captain badge and checking his speach!

We had been to the telescopes at Narrabri but decided to go for a trip again.


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  1. greg drew permalink

    have a safe and enjoyable time

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