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April 25, 2016


After a peaceful night beside the Waroo bridge over the Balonne river we headed further north towards Roma, a place where we have been quite a few times.
Surat we have visited a few times but never stayed overnight but this time, not being in a hurry, we stopped at the fisherman’s park on the north of town. usually in the tourist season it is very hard to get a park here but we had no worries at all. There is a dump point-Bruce had to clear grass away fro the top to find the opening. Clean flushing toilets as well as good water to fill the van tanks.

The Cobb & Co Changing station is now the information centre & has a huge fish tank with Murray Cod- big ones! This is a beautiful building- the Sire Hall

One of the birds flying around.

There is a walkway back over the bridge & into town so, as usual, took myself off for my walk.

On the road with the next stop being Roma & only about 70k up the road. Also been here a few times so had a cuppa then got a few groceries as well as a replacement cartridge gas burner as we threw the condemed one away.

Just a couple at the Information Centre in Roma. We had decided that we would stop at tiny Injune at the showgrounds & get some power as the heat was awful & needed some power for a couple of nights. We went to the Information centre which looks rather new with nice ladies there. Had a cuppa & home made goodies! The cost was $15/pn. The amenity block was very old but spotless- she had matching lilac hand towels, shower mats, shampoo, conditioner, hand soap as well as lilac bin liners! As I said, old! The doors being that thin ply timber ( I do not no what it is called) & they were falling to bits but she sure made up for this with the personalization of the showers.

The first photos were taken on the outskirts of Injune- had to do a U turn as had passed the mining signs
Before we realized we should have turned off. Not easy doing a turn with a van on a narrow road with bad shoulders- the road I mean!

Thanks goodness for vehicle aircon! still up around 41 centigrade. Country since leaving Narrabri has been green since having some rain but not enough to break the drought but now it it starting to really get dry with noticing that the tiny town of Rolleston extremely dry- no green grass in their parks. We had a quick cuppa here then back into the aircon! What did we do before aircon was added o vehicles?

The planned stop for this night was the Lion’s Park at Springsure for a couple of nights as we intended doing day trips here. Wanted to catch up with my bridesmaid but they were bust mustering for cattle sale – last saw her in 2004.

Springsure to Fairbairn Dam next blog.


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