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April 25, 2016

We finally left Louise & her family on the 21st February as we were to meet up with friends from Bundaberg at Fairbairn Dam- Emerald- on 1st March for 2 weeks catching (hoping) redclaw. That was the plan anyway but whether we were going to be lucky was another story.
Our first stop for the night was a Nindigully Pub. We headed for Moree to fill water tanks as well as the dump point. Cannot fill at the farm as they have bore water & do not put that in the van tanks. First tiny “town” was Garah, then Boomi- a nice tiny town with hot baths & a small van park. Spent a couple of nights there in 2013.
As we did not stop this time here are a few from 2013 for anyone who has not been there.

The pools are beside the park with a minimal entry fee with park fees- if I remember correctly.
We crossed the border into Queensland just south of Talwood, another small drive through town where we stopped for lunch. There are sports/recreation grounds you can spend the night here.
Not far NW now was the famous Nindigully Pub . As we had had their huge mixed grill there in 2013 that was the reason for spending another night there. We were very disappointed however. Standard not the same as 2013 but that could have ben because it was not tourist season – only one other van there- or cook having a bad day maybe. Bruce not happy because they did not even have gravy.
They have done a lot of work on the amenity block & there is also a dump point there. The walk way (short) along the river has been completed. We were told this was put here to stop travellers parking right down on the water edge!

The last 2 were from 2013 with the mixed grill!
The semis below were delivering much need feed to properties in drought

The FREE BEER sign is at the corner turning into the pub- dam missed out again!

We were now into cotton growing- irrigated- from the Beadmore dam on the northern side of St George.
A few photos of the bridge over the Balonne river which get flooded badly & as town is so low there is usually severe flood damage to the town of St George.
After a very quiet night here it was another short trip up to St George then a camp spot north to there for the night. As we had been here a few times did not take a lot of photos.

Beadmore dam then into Warroo Bridge for the night.

About the only traffic over the bridge seemed to be children being collected from school bus then taken the next morning- bus stop at the turnoff. A couple of council trucks getting water for road works on the way in- yes we had to drive through mud!


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