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September 8, 2015


After filling up with water then the dump point we headed east on a very boring stretch of road. First top as to have another look at the Black Bull Siding where the Gulflander passes through on its weekly trip to Croydon on Wednesdays then back on the Thursday. I was not looking for it but Bruce said “Did you see the train?” I was obviously looking the other way.

Tried to take photos of the information signs but not easy. Mr Google would tell you all about this siding. A new addition since we passed through here in 2012 is the toilet block.

I found my way down to the river bed the next morning, the reason being to take a panorama of the bridge- forgot to take that camera with me.

I slid down the bank into the river but found a track to walk up thank goodness. The huge roo below jumped out of the trees – got hell of a fright!

The photos above show the dry dusty area to set up in!

Crested Bronze wings and a Bridled Honey-eater.
I woke sleeping beauty up & we were on the road by just before 8am. On the other side of the river there is a Mango farm with a sign for fresh fruit & veges for sale but the gate was still shut. We did get some fruit here the last time we were here.


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