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August 22, 2015


Well we finally left friends place at Kununurra –one week turned into over 3 weeks & it was great. Proabably not too restful for Bruce but there were no complaints when he & Rocky got back from the farm each day. They were not doing really physical things but mainly maintainence or tractor diving but the tractor Bruce was on, well, the aircon was not working. After saying goodbye with the thought that we would be seeing them again in October when they get home to Bundaberg.
Called into Timber Creek for a cuppa then headed for Saddle Creek # 170 Camps 7, where we had stopped before & knew what it was like. Unfortunately the rubbish bins, well, if there had been about 20 more there would not have been so many bags of rubbish stacked around the ones there. How hard is it, if bins are full, to take your rubbish with you for goodness sakes. Spoke to the council guys who pulled up & they said that the bins only get emptied twice a week- maybe with the amount of travellers now more bins or more frequent emptying is necessary. There is a dump point here & it was “on the nose” but no water.
The toilets (drop loos) were also full. We did not inspect as had been told before hand about this situation. I am in a complaining mood at the moment. Three vans pulled up around one of the shelter sheds, opened their awnings to reach the roof & set up there for the night. What about travellers who need this facility because they are only in a tent & would like to use the table & seats. Ugh! Rant over now.
Not quite. This did not affect us but sure made another couple wind their awning in & move inside quickly. Two vehicles with roof top tents pulled up basically at the couples awning when there was room in other spots!

Next stop was for a photo of the Victoria River where cruises can be done from Timber Creek.

The next civilization was Victoria River Roadhouse which we just drove past.

This highway is really very boring, especially because everything is so dry & dead looking. The next stop was at Mathieson rest area where we stopped for 2 nights as needed to get the last lot of blogs finished to post when in Katherine with internet which is to-day, Saturday 15th.
Grabbed a few groceries as well as fuel, checked emails etc & caught up with FB news then headed down to King Rv rest area for the night, #106 Camps 7. A large area but once again full drop loos. There is a dump point here but no water. About 17 in there for the night.
Continued down to Mataranka where we stopped for a cuppa.Decided to try the “famous pies” as was close to lunch time anyway. Bruce had a steak & kidney which did not have a lot of meat. Going back on the trip, I had tried one of Brumby’s pies for the first time & got a chicken & veges. Well, it was very tasty but about 4 pieces of chicken with a bit of corn, peas & carrot. Now the pies at Mataranka were huge & I asked “Any chicken meat” Definately. Once again I was disappointed as it was, yes, full of meat with gravy but boy oh boy did it need some seasonings as it was tasteless. Ate a few mouth fulls then went & told them, politely, that loved all the meat but no taste at all. Oh sorry but no refund.
A few photos of the Elsey Park showing some of the characters from We Of The Never Never.

This is a 2006 photo

As we drove past the turn east to Boorooloola Bruce asked about heading east from there but that decision had already been made at the end of the GRR. No more Savannah Way until up at Bourketown again.

That night we decided to go into the Gorrie WW2 airstrip .

This is only 1k to the west off the highway a few ks down from Mataranka. There is parking the full length of the strip so until we drove out rather early the net morning we did not know about some that had come in for the night. It as great to be able to park with no sand as the strip was in perfect condition. Stupidly I forgot to take a photo
of the full length. There were some Turkey bushes just coming into flower with a couple of birds.

17th August
We had been in to Daly Waters previously but decided to return as not far off the highway to have a cuppa & see if anything had changed. Not a bit. the Bouganvilla tree in front of the pub the same.

The beer garden above seemed to be a haven for the Bower birds- counted about 10 the short time we were there as well as this cheeky one at the sauces!

2006 photo.

Back to the highway to get to Newcastle Waters #81 Camps 7 for the night. Knew this was a reasonable small area on the side of the highway, but it certainly was different this time. The toilets have been installed & at last decent ones, not full & rather clean. They have put bollards for parking & they hold about 10 which soon filled as well as another 4 vehicles beside the road.
The next morning was talking to another guy in a 5th wheeler about the huge new van, boat on a new car & water running everywhere from the grey water outlet. He made the comment that they should not give us all a bad name. Well as usual I took the initiative. Knocked on their door & once again, very politely, asked if they had a bucket? The overseas lady asked why. I suggested water be collected & put under a tree. Ok I tell my partner! I also made the comment that this is what gets these great spots closed down. Why? she said so I just said have a good day & got in the car. Am I being a total moron?
Big surprise here was full internet & phone service.
Because we had been punching a head wind since leaving Katherine we had to go to Elliott for fuel- $1.74/lt., so only got enough to get us down to Tenant Creek. Got fuel as well as 40l of bore water in drums as heading out to Longreach Waterholes for a few days to wait for the wind to ease. #80 Camps 7.


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