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August 22, 2015


What a magnificent spot this is with a long distance around the water to find a park totally isolated if you wish. There were only about 4 here when we pulled in before lunch so got a spot right beside the water & relatively level. The water is dirty but not a problem. Being middle of the day the only birds we saw were the usual pelicans with Kites, Darters (Shags), Egrets & Ibis but by the late afternoon there were many more appearing. It was still very windy so put up one end annex to try to break the wind a bit. Put some redclaw pots in with fingers crossed.
Took 90 photos but deleted many as usual.
I am trying to name as many birds as I can with my bird book but a few I cannot find.
Shall just post the photos & hopefully someone can name the couple for me. Or correct any wrong ones. The black ones below are only small, mainly on the water but forage along the edge.
The little one beside the Spoonbill I do not know either. We think that the dark ones could be Eurasian Coots as they certainly sound like the coots we used to get around the dams on the farm.
The Spoon bills are continually wandering around the water’s edge with head moving side to side , never stopping feeding.

The end to a perfect day, then sunrise this morning.

Saw a fire going right around from me as early as I was up so wandered around there. Was also looking to see if there was a second Jabiru anywhere.

This Egret was in front of the pink hues on the water from the sunrise.

There was a family of 3 along a tiny inlet & do not know what they are either, also the white small water bird. The lone bird possible a Plover as certainly sounds like the ground plovers.

Across the other side of the water the Pelicans were herding fish then having a feed.
These babies were in a tree beside a couple I stopped to talk to – they were the ones with the fire going. These juveniles are so fluffy & I think very young.

This is the nest just under the 3 Kites below.

This is a poorly stitched photo but there were 2 groups of Darters who had done their early morning fishing & as soon as they reach shore their spread their wings to dry.

Brolga back again this morning but does not seem to have a partner! Was by itself yesterday afternoon as well.

This baby was soon back with its mother, as were the next 3 we caught. Have got 2 redclaw in the freezer- maybe more in the morning. The above one i called Bruce!

The bird below is another one I cannot find. It is almost black but the late afternoon light makes it look brown.

These are panorama shots with my tiny camera I had to buy in Derby. Happy with this feature it has.
Well we were very sorry to leave this spot – a definate if we back in the NT. Erich you would never be bored. A couple we met previously were there & they unhooked & went for a drive for about 4ks up to the left to find another large & much flatter area. We got plenty of shrimps which went into freezer for next fishing spot. Everyone was only catching the same size we did & only tiny red claw.
One thing which surprised us is that there were no kangaroos or wallabys anywhere. The above kites were fishing right in front of our van as we were packing up, consequently we did not get away too early.
There are a couple of deep sandy patches (deeper than on the GJR) but someone has made a side road. This also happens to be on a bend as well, but needing to keep revs up! There were no gates to open but the one cattle grid needs to be crossed very slowly as it has bad approaches on both sides. Most of the road is corrugated but not so bad that you cannot ride over the top.


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  1. Shirley Gray permalink

    Thanks great photos & looks a top spot.

  2. Ann thinks your ??? bird is a Great Crested Grebe. She also suggested you join the Facebook Group – Australian Bird Identification. You can post a pic of any bird you would like identified, tell them where it was taken, and someone (with no life LOL) will come back almost immediately with it’s name.

    • Hi Ann & Sue
      Thanks for that (did have it) & think that I have all the others. Lesley named a couple for me which I eventually found in my bird book. travel safe. Cheers K.

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