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August 15, 2015

Mel & Rocky decided to take us up to Wyndham for a days fishing- hopefully. This is 100k trip so we packed morning tea as it was decided to go to the pub for lunch. Soon were set up on the jetty with chairs, cuppa, lines etc etc & wishing that the tide would turn & start coming in. The water was extremely dirty so anything we caught would probably be very muddy to taste- ah well in brine or milk overnight soon solves that problem.

Nothing caught by 12md so off to the pub for lunch. They had thread fin salmon on the menu as wekk as Barra but I am not a Barra fan & as Mel had said the salmon was a beautiful fish we ordered that- & she was not wrong. One of the nicest fishes I have ever tasted. After lunch she took us to the professional fishermans warehouse to buy some fish- could not go home empty handed! all the fish they catch is cleaned, filleted & snap frozen on board. Got a few kilos of the Salmon as it was only $24/kilo.
Went for a drive out along the wharves where there are a few warehouses etc just sitting because of closures to the businesses. They include iron ore exports, live cattle exports, sugar which is not grown anymore, then up to the Bastion lookout on the way home after stopping at the obligatory big croc for a photo.

The Bastion is a climb of about 3ks up a steep hill with 3 hairpin bends which only vehicles can negotiate. This is where 5 rivers enter the ocean & they are named in the sign below After taking photos we had a cuppa before heading home with out fish supply. The only exports from here now are Mahogony to China for furniture & nickel. The photo with the tankers off shore used to be the iron ore facility.


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