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August 15, 2015

Once again we were being taken on a tour by Rocky & Mel up to the Argyle Dam. No panorama camera with me & these would not stitch perfectly so use your imagination here as these were taken standing above the dam wall. Photo easier than me trying to explain all the facts.

We then drove across the wall & down to the picnic area where you can see the hydro electricity site- the force of the water coming through the tunnel was awesome.

Decided to head back across the wall & up to the resort for an ice block & to have a look at the infinity pool- have to admit I did not have a clue as to what Mel was talking about. This is it. To view it from the water edge it looks as though the pool water meets the lake water. Clever design without a doubt.

Found these 2 old fellas having a rest while we were taking photos & watching a chopper take off on a flight.

This was a beautiful tree beside the office as was this palm.


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  1. we thoroughly enjoyed it when we stayed there, the pool looks so fantastic and big,the lake is 7 times the size of the Sydney Harbour

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