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August 15, 2015


This morning I decided to take myself down to the Lake side for some early morning photos after checking for the sunrise times. The others were all still in slumber land when I left about 5.30.

Do not have a clue as to what this bird is?

Most of these photos where when Mel & I went touring while the men were out at the farm, except the ones in the Mirima NP which we did when Erich & Lesley were still with us. Was so surprised to see that the Grevillea was blue as have never even heard of a blue one & I have grown many different type. Had about 80 in Bundaberg when we lived there & now only have about 15 where we now live- no room for any more. The photo below me is also Mel’s & you can see why this spot is called the mini Bungles.

A couple of nights later there were clouds for the first time so Mel & I took off up to Kelly’s Knob which is basically over the road from the Mirima NP. We thought that there would be a good sunset but it was mediocre.

Another early morning headed up to go to the Lion’s park to catch the early morning sun at the bottom of the dam wall. WE drove down to the park (6am) & there were 3 motor homes camped there, beside a NO CAMPING sign- tents or vans. I was sure we were going to get arrested that morning as we went behind a no admittance sign which has obviously been breached continually. There were beer cans etc etc etc everywhere! We went there to get the shots of the mist rising off the water. I joking said to Mel that if anyone came I was going to plead an innocent Queenslander but she was sort of local. Could not be seen from the road anyway. Yes I know that we also disobeyed a sign but these type of travellers get “Grey nomads” a bad name.

Mel trying to get under this flower!

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