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August 13, 2015

During the second week we were here in Kununurra Mel & rocky decided to take us for a days fishing up to Wyndham- 100ks. We had been there in 2006 but this was informative as they could tell us why various sites at the port were not working.
As soon as we got to the jetty the lines were put in & we had a cuppa. Because I am not a fisher lady & wandered off for some photos.

There was only one fish caught & it was an eel tailed catfish.

I walked out on the jetty where the cruise boats are moored & could see a ship loading nickel

MIdday came with no more fish so packed up & off to the pub for a feed. We had Thread fin salmon & it is the nicest fish I have ever tasted- so sweet & tender with white flesh.
After lunch Melody took us to a professional fisherman to buy some fish. We got a few kilos of threadfin salmon for only $26/kilo. This fish is caught, cleaned & snap frozen on the trawler.
Next stop was at the obligatory “big” thing. Naturally it was a croc.

Decided to go up to the Bastion lookout for afternoon tea. This is a 3.4k drive with a few hairy hairpin bends to negotiate. There are 5 rivers which enter the ocean here & they can all be seen.

The following photos are overlooking the port, showing the unused sugar terminal, the cattle yards for when there was live export of cattle & the facilities which were used when iron ore was being exported. The on;y exports from here at the moment are mahogany to china for furniture manufacturing and nickel, of which there was one bing loaded while we were there. One photo shows the stock pile of Mahogony. The photo with the T in the middle is showing the disused iron ore terminal with the barges sitting idle in the water.



Just had a cuppa before heading back to Kununurra.


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