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July 7, 2015

To fill in time between hospital appointments & not have to stay squashed in the van park we decided to spend 4 nights up at Quandong Point off the road to Cape Levique and only about 45ks with the first few sealed. After that, well! Fortunately Lesley had told us to let our tyres down when reaching the dirt- thanks Lesley.
Once consolation, there was no traffic once we got off the main road.
Before we turned off the highway ( about a distance of 9k from Broome) Bruce made a comment that he saw a support vehicle for DavidAlley, a friend of our daughter Sally (Brisbane). He is walking around Oz .
As I was trying to get co-ordinates in the Navman at the time I did not see the vehicle so we decided to stop at the turnoff & wait for him. Did not have to do that as he was not too far behind his support so we stopped to speak to him. (As you do!). We could have quite easily missed him as this was only a short stretch of road we were travelling! It really is a small world.

Quite a few stretches of the road were thick red sand so had to keep speed up with the van or else get bogged!
No worries though with the driver!
As there were quite a few vans here on the good sites we had to have a drive around to find a spot. At one section Bruce went off the “track” to avoid an overhanging tree & on to the thick sandy edge of the road- could have been a disaster- and the van started a little dance as he had to keep speed up at the same time but was only scarey for a few seconds!. Lesley am glad you were not behind us!
Finally found a spot on the ocean front.

Fortunately there was an easterly wind which meant that it was blowing on the back of the van. Had lunch then went for a walk up the beach. In parts of this coast there is a wide area of beach when the tide is out. Naturally I took a bag with me to collect some more WA shells to add to my collection from 2010. One of these days when I am “home” with nothing to do am going to make a collage- I think. A friend asked me before we left on this trip what we would do when we can’t travel anymore? Maybe make collages!!!

There are a few birds around when the tide is turning & they are really good at fishing. One I am sure is a Sea Eagle but the other big black one?

Interesting sitting & watching these busy little creatures.

To-day we had a visit from our McLellan cousins from home and to-morrow when we get back to the van park hope to catch up with a farming couple we know from Wallaville (near Bundaberg). Our friends Lesley & Erich & Lesley were parked beside them in the van park at Broome. As I have said many times. a very small world.


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