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June 25, 2015

THURSDAY 25th June

We had decided after leaving Marble Bar, on the 16th, to spend a night in at Doolena Gorge again as reckoned that there would be water there this time. The track in, about 1k, is narrow with a few over hanging branches to avoid. There was definately water but the sites were very dusty.

There was no water in here in 2010.
Decided to go further to try to find a site at the De Grey river which our travelling companions had been talking about. We had to retrace our steps a few ks to head up the road towards Muccan & Yarri stations.

This gravel road I will give 8/10. It was very good. Not a lot to see as far as scenery was concerned, a few cattle here & there. This dry river bed is the Coongan Rv which is the one down at Marble Bar. When these rivers are in flood they would certainly be a sight as they are all very wide.

Got to the De Grey river & I walked it – only about 10” deep.

Normally when driving through water you only go slowly but Bruce decided to do what he never does as he wanted to clean under the van & car!
There were only 2 others travellers there & they were just off the road on north eastern side of the river. One of them was parked sort of on the road ,which I think turned some travellers around, as they thought that this road was the only way to drive further up river. There is another one just above this, but only possible for camper trailers etc to drive under a couple of low trees.
We realized that we could not go that way so started to drive towards the van on the lower road & she shifter her solar panel which allowed us to drive past their van. Unfortunately, Lesley & Erich when they drove over from the Cape Keraudren to have a look (before we had arrived), decided that they could not get any further & went back to Cape Kerauden where they were staying.
Anyway we set up & as still had a lot of time to fill in, decided to spend a week here. The river had crystal clear running water & that made the decision easy to stay.

These old Paperbark trees are so resilient- after a flood they just keep growing & it is so easy to see which way the river flows.
All the photos I took here were of sunrises, sunsets and birds. The ones I am not happy about are of the Cygnets & swans in flight as they were up & down the river either early in the morning or late afternoon. Am assuming that the Cygnets on the bottom side of the causeway belonged to the ones we saw in flight & even though walking down river to try to find them was not successful. I even went very early one morning ,prepared to take shoes off to cross the water in a few places it was just too cold!

The one below of the swans was in a very heavy fog & the “orange”one early as the sun was rising. Both times I was outside the van with my early morning cuppa & reading only to find these when I glanced up!

Are these their Cygnets they visit early each morning then head back up river late afternoon? A couple up river from us said that they landed in the river just in front of them one afternoon but otherwise flew further up river.

Friends & I think that the ones below are Cygnets
There are a couple of birds that I do not know what they are- certainly have to get myself a bird book!
The one below is a Cormorant I am told.

I think that the above is a Dodderel? Correct me if wrong Lesley. Below a Black Kite or an Eagle? Then Crested Pidgeons, one in tree I do not know then Spinifex Pidgeons.

I do not know what this last bird is- about the size of a Willy Wagtail but it is brown & a different call. The on below looks as though it could be a juvenile! The black & white ones in the trees above the Galahs were difficult to see as they would not leave the trees!

There is a bird here in the trees beside the van which we cannot see & it has a call I have not heard before. Onlh others here are hundreds of Finches. When we got here yesterday about 1pm there were already about 15 vehicles parked. The toilets are very clean but that is all there is at this site #
We are of the opinion that there must have been buildings here at one time as there are various concrete slabs- may be a roadhouse many years ago.
It is a large area with a few different sheltered tables etc- why do travellers have to park right beside these as though they own them??
This morning Brice work up with an attack of Diverticulitis so straight onto the antibiotics – will stay here for a few days even though it is only a 24 hour, as he does not feel up to driving.
A couple pulled in next to us this morning ( not terribly close) & I was wandering around looking for a bird & we started talking. Talk about a small world. They live around the corner from our good friends Jan & Berny.
All for now probably no more until up at Broome.
Safe travel to all of you where ever you are.


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