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June 16, 2015


Well after spending out second night at the base of Mt Tietkens, named after Henry Tietkins we were on the road again with the Dover Hills along to our left. The spinifex up the hill sides really looks yellow and now seeing the smaller white Snappy Gums. There will be a lot of road condition photos for those of you who might be contemplating the Gary Junction Road & wondering what the roads are like. Naturally they change, depending on the weather conditions, when the grader has been through, the amount of traffic, what speed you travel at, the amount of air in your tyres! Sorry if they bore folk who will never be on this road. It is no where near as busy as the Great Central Road but we think more picturesque. Just our opinion.

KiwirrkurrA is the third Aboriginal community where we have filled up with fuel, even though we all were carrying extra in drums. It was $3/lt here. As usual the fuel was in a caged, locked shed & we had to go into the store to advise them that we needed fuel. Also needed bread which to my surprise was only $4 for a grain loaf, frozen but really fresh when defrosted. We saw the supply truck leave Kintore the day before. The store had at last 20 locals stocking up & they kept coming in- even a couple of little naked girls, about 4 years old. Well before the closing time the store keeper locked the doors otherwise he said they would be coming in all afternoon & the store was only open 9.30-12. It was a really well stocked store with a huge variety from food to clothes to household supplies to linen etc etc. There were the usual amount of mangy looking dogs everywhere and they followed you looking for food. Bruce & I had a pie, can’t remember the brand, but it was hot & very tasty as well as having big pieces of chicken & beef.- also only $4!

Naturally we had to stop & read about the burnt ration truck which belonged to Len Beadell. It is now in a secure enclosure to prevent vandalism. It was moved in 2004 from the roadside where it had burnt & signs erected by members of his family.
The story tells of Beadell returning to the burning truck & being splattered by exploding tine of Baked Beans, one of which pierced his boiling water for a cuppa.

I can’t remember exactly why we stopped here, not that that matters! There were hundreds of these flowering bushes which at first I thought were Geraldton Wax but Lesley recognised it as one she had planted at home- a Thryptomene. The spinifex above is one of the best in full circle that I have seen.
Continuing on towards Jupiter’s Well where we planned to spend a couple of nights- need a rest & catch up on some washing & general housework! There were lots of short stretches of sand to traverse as well as going over an occasional sandhill. The one below does not look high but going down the other side it was much higher. As Jupiter’s Well got nearer we came into Desert Oak country.

We soon set up with no trouble as it is a large area around the hand pump well with beautiful clear water and they advise to boil first. Soon had a fire going for vegetables in foil for evening meal. The weather has been just perfect, very warm days so had to find summer clothes with the nights being a comfortable temperature.
This time zone in WA is taking a little getting used to, with the sun rising about 6.15 & getting dark very early. The first night it was early to bed after doing 269ks on Thursday.
Yesterday, Friday, we all did a big wash as there is plenty of water in the well. Only problem was that the men had to pump & carry the water to our vans- good exercise!

Instead of the usual Corellas or Cockatoos around we had the beautiful pink Galahs.

Was up early this morning to catch the birds having their early morning drink at the well but as a traveller had set up right beside the well they did not get their drink until after they had driven off.

Can just see these tiny birds as almost the same color as the branches they are sitting upon.

A couple of photos from one of the sand hills towards our camps then behind the hill overlooking all the Desert Oaks.

Once they had had their drink, they took off for the day.Once again we (the men) lit the fire for veges in foil again as well cooking pork chops over the fire. Two other couples joined us for drinkies & we got some information from one couple who had just come from where we are heading to-morrow.

As we were sitting here the beautiful sunset appeared to end the evening.

Well, in the am we say goodbye to Jupiter’s Well, a great camp site on the Gary Junction Road, continuing west towards the Canning Stock Route which we will cross to-morrow-some time .There was not one vehicle went by to-day.

Awoke to another perfect day with last night not as cold- about 14 degrees. Did a final top up of the water & we were on our way, hoping to get to Well 33 on the Canning Stock Route, about 220ks.

For quite a distance the road was good but then back to the very inconsistent conditions. It was very safe to travel at 70kph, before we arrived at this rather long stretch of deeper sand but with a solid base.

This is probably one of the longest sand dunes we have seen with hardly any vegetation. It can just be seen along the horizon. as it is redder than the surrounding ground.

These 4 photos show how quickly the conditions can change.There are now some native trees & tiny roadside bushes starting to appear with flowers opening.

I am always on the lookout for any flowers in the outback so once again had to stop after letting Lesley & Erich know what we were stopping for. Chris & Val were in front & we soon heard them call on the UHF that they had reached our next stop at the Junction og the GJR & the Gary Highway- now wait until you see this highway!

As it was about 11am decided it was cuppa time & a stretch as had been travelling since 8.30 & only done about 157k .
There is a road (track) which goes off to the right at this point & it is called the Galloway Track & heads north to meet up with the Canning Stock Route. Bruce walking towards what is another Len Beadell plaque.

I noticed another silver bush with different buds appearing & was lucky enough to find the tiniest of flowers just opening.

I know I have posted this flower before but it was covered in a lot of red dust- this one much cleaner. Yellow furry flowers with a waxy leaf. Some workers informed Chris while they were waiting for us that it is about 70k to Well 33 on the CSR & is a much nicer spot to spend a night o we headed off for there.

In various areas I had spotted many trees which looked like Grevilleas to me but needed to see a flower to be sure & we soon came up to one with buds so naturally had to stop. Bruce had to hold still as was so windy. I think it will open to be one of the toothbrush variety.

Hard to read but “Mr Google” will tell you all about the CSR.

And here is one, just as we turned onto the CSR road, on which we travelled about 4k to Well 33- what a great spot! Windmill turning in the wind & an over flowing tank with good water. there is a photo of the well & beside it a sign indicating that in 1999 a dead dingo was retrieved from the well. thank goodness it was a long tome ago. Was hoping for some camels to come up to the water hole for an evening drink but none appeared. Had a sunset instead after the usual drinkies.

The grill is covering the well & in the bottom just got the windmill reflection in the water.

I think so far that we have passed about 18 wrecked vehicles since leaving Alice Springs.



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