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June 16, 2015

Monday 8.6.15
After saying goodbye to a great fun couple, Robyn & Charlie, we drove the next few ks into Kunawaritji, another Aboriginal community for fuel & a few vegetables & fruit as “pantry was bare” of those. These items are priced individually & these were 25c/item. A few shops back Lesley had paid 50c for one potato. All this type of food is kept in huge cold rooms and bread in freezers. Once again there were hot pies, only 4 so Chris & Val also had one- this was our morning tea! This shop was extremely clean & had a nice “smell”.
The fuel bowsers here were not in cages either.

Just a comment, while looking at the fuel price here, Bruce is very pleased with our fuel economy along this trip so would be a lt better if we did not have to cart as much water with us as we have about 70lt in containers in the car as well as the normal van water. Jupiter’s Well was the only one where we could fill everything, where as on the Great Central Road you can get water at all the fuel stop roadhouses.
Back to this trip & paying for fuel. Bruce thought that there was only cash payment here so got his wallet out at the bowser to pay & the guy took $2.30 off for the cash payment! So far at each fill up the person at the bower has written the details down & you take it into the store to pay, by credit or cash.
A couple more photos here.

Lesley’s idea to take
a photo through this doorless space! I am not that imaginative. I did not want to take a photo of the while front of the store as there were some locals there & some have a suspicion about photos.

Moving again & we had a stop at the first convenient spot away from the road & in sand to “dig a hole” to empty the cassette. Bruce always digs a deep hole when dong this for many reasons.
There was some bushes with regrowth after what was probably a controlled burn

I will post a few more road conditions photos from to-day, but generally the roads are much improved with less stretches of the bad corrugations with till some sand though. This small stretch looks as though it has been carved through the jump up on the right & sand hill on the left.

As I like stopping when ever I notice what might be a different tree or flower Bruce stops or reverses if we have gone past so better if we are the tail enders then the others do not have to stop. Because there has been small amounts of rain a few weeks ago the flowers are starting to appear.

Lake Auld was the next Kodak stop as well as wheel, tyre checks. A couple of different flowers which I found on top of the sand hill. By the way, this lake is empty & that is salt you can see, not water.

Nearly put my big boot in the middle of this tiny ground cover with mauve furry flowers.
I think BONES (the TV program) needs to come out here to find these camel bones & put back together to see what was the problem!

It was not constipated anyway. Sorry about that!
A little up from here we headed south and back to the road to keep heading west. Our first dingo provided a photo. In the far back of the Toyota, which is not going anywhere, (name across the back) the Lake is still visible & there looks to be some water as a different blue. I was hoping the road would go a bit closer but that was not to happen. The sand hills are very close together & we are travelling along with one either side.

The 44 gallon drums are not wasted—used for signs & getting off the track again, car doors are used for signs in Lightening Ridge

The plant above was very prickly with tiny yellow star flowers & red berries. Possible one that the locals would know if it could be eaten as bush tucker.
Soon into Punmu for our next fuel purchase & this is only a $1.30/l. Chris & Val found the bowser but had to ask a local to find someone to serve us. A very cheerful & helpful guy arrived on his quad bike & we soon had fuel & this was cash. Naturally cheeky Bruce asked if there was discount for the cash!!!! Nah, just the cheapest fuel around. As we were thinking about pending the night at Lake Dora he told us how to get there & distance.Only about 30k which is just as well because had not had lunch yet .
We really did not see anything in the community so cannot comment. The first photo is at the junction of the turnoff into Punmu & the road we are travelling. Imagination used on this anthill!

Love where the stroller was left parked! That sand hill in the back has to be crossed.

Walking up that hill tested the knees as I really have not been doing a lot of walking this trip. I would not have seen this roadside beauty if I had been in the car either. It caught my eye as it is shaped so like the southern wreath flowers with the green in the centre surrounded by petals.
Lesley & Erich up the hill after us.
Soon arrived at Lake Dora with just enough room for the 3 of our vans. Like all open places there was a strong breeze blowing.

It was now 2pm & as I had left over casserole I cooked vegetables now that I had some & we had a lake lunch/early dinner! After a cuppa i went for a walk down to the lake- no water. Walked a fair way in until the base became rather soft so decided to turn around as did not want to sink & have to be pulled out!
By the look of the tiny markings in the salt there could possibly be crabs (or something) under ground. Also a tiny home which looked like a sand crabs hole.

Camel pads everywhere as well as this unusual grass.

Looks as though “Bones”been here before us as this skeleton is much more intact.

There were some dark clouds appearing in the east but it would be very unlucky for us if it rained & we had to sit here for a couple for a couple of days.

The end of a perfect day. Light out by 7.30 as probably an earlier start in the am- 8am- to get to Carrawine Gorge. Goodnight.


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