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June 16, 2015

First thing was to wish Erich a very happy birthday before we had an earlier that normal start as we had about 236 ks to Carawine Gorge & we wanted to get there by lunch if possible.

We thought that the road was much better the further west we travelled.
About 90k from Punma we approached the Telfar mine site & we all got Telstra signals so we stopped on top of a hill over looking the mine where we were getting the best signal. Had no text messages and only about 13 emails which was good so wrote a quick email to family saying all was good.

There are literally acres of the Grevillea Wickhamii along here, at times alternating with the wattles. Not far along we came to sealed road! What a blessing.

There are a few of these water holes along with pumps used by the council for road works apparently. The water is obviously very salty as white edges can be seen where the water has receded.

Officially the “Gary Junction road” ended back at its junction with the Gary Highway. The road then became the Jenkins Track then the WAPET Road then the Telfer Mine Road to this T-junction. Psychologically it felt good to know that we had travelled the part of this great land which we set out to do with no major problems at all. None of us had a flat tyre, one scare with Chris & Val’s fridge, we had to replace the middle fridge door hinge ( had a spare), we never ran out of fuel or water so all in all it was a wonderful journey travelling with the Gibson Desert to the south & the Great Sandy Desert to the north.
Next blog about Carawine Gorge.


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