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May 22, 2015

This next part of the trip there was nothing spectacular. The country is certainly much drier all the way since we were through here in 2013 There is lot of grass but none of it green- hate to see a match dropped anywhere! Stopped at Erldunda which is where the Lassiter highway heads west to Ayres Rock , The Olgas then across the Great Central Road which we did in 2013 with our friends Chris & Val and Lesley & Erich, whom we are meeting in Alice Springs for the next exciting leg of our journey.
The first 2 photos are sunset where we stopped before Marla and then the sun trying to shine through the clouds the next morning

Just a few ks further on was where we had flats on both Patrol tyres at the same time. recognised the spot as the homestead come into view in front of us. This was in 2011 and then the road was only 3 wheel tracks and rather rough. There has been a lot of work done since then.

These couple were not going to leave their feed even when we pulled up beside them.
Into Marla for cuppa & to check emails etc before heading up the highway to the SA/NT border rest area for the night. This place is always full at night so we wanted to get there early, and by 3pm there was a crowd there. Very dusty vehicles.

Our stop for the next night was going to be the Finke Rv and as this was always crowded got there early as well- as you can see we are not doing long distances as not booked into Alice until the 22nd so filling in time. Lots of reading being done.
The next day headed past Stuart’s Well as did not need to stop there for any reason and on the lookout for the sign 25ks up the highway for the turnoff to Owen Springs and the Redbank Waterhole for the night. Was given the correct co-ordinates but would not come up on our Navman.
Spoke to a couple fro Mackay & she checked Wikicamps to check I had correct co-odinates , which I did have so tried again-same result.
We all know it is a small world. This lady worked with Bruce’s cousin as a pathologist in Mackay.
The Owen Springs sign is about 2 ks nth of the Rainbow Valley turnoff. No one could tell us exactly how far off the highway- maybe 1-2 ks!
The road was corrugated & got worse the further in we went, just one vehicle wide. Bruce went from side to side trying to find the best, then had to leave the side because of overhanging trees- anyone behind us would have thought he was drunk! 4ks in there was the Redbank waterhole sign, another 2 ks. The road was not only corrugated but had washouts as well. However we crawled along no faster that 18ks/hour. Finally got the 2ks in only to find small holes with water. There were 2 other campers in there .
Had lunch then went for a walk up the river bed.

There were literally hundreds of these tiny birds, as few Corellas, crows (naturally) a water bird of some description plus a couple of others I did not know.

We were going to spend 2 nights in here but with the heavy cloud cover decided to get out to Polhill rest area for the last night before Alice- did not need to get stuck in here. The weather forecast did not predict rain but not taking any chances.



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