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May 18, 2015

Well another day has passed after leaving Yunta this morning in very overcast weather with a strong westerly wind & guess which way we are heading, yes, into the wind! Yunta is just a few buildings along the highway with the main western railway line beside the highway. There are two pubs, a post office, telecommunications centre & a few buildings. Vans are allowed to stop for 20 hours beside the toilet block. Last night was rather cold because of the wind which was strong enough to rock the van a little. There were 3 other vans there, which had all gone before we got out of bed this morning- no reason to leave early! Took off straight into a strong westerly wind which certainly affected the fuel economy. In sheep & cattle country most of to-day.

Peterborough where we were going to stop for a while to have a look around as we have only passed through here a couple of times before & never stopped to do the “touristy things” but that was not going to happen to-day either as it was raining so we filled up with fuel & found the dump point as well as filling up with potable water then headed for Orroroo where it was still drizzling so just kept going.
(We should have also filled our 2x20lt water containers here as realized as we got closer to Marree that it would be the last potable water.)
Stopped at the fruit fly inspection station with no problems- the officer was a little too lapse we thought as he did not even get into the van- asked me what I had in fridge & told him stewed fruit & all veges topped & tailed & in water. Ok goodbye!

Decided against going down to Port Augusta but up to Farina instead and along the Oodnadatta Track.
Next up the highway was Hawker where we topped up the fuel and nothing else as had spent time here a few years ago. There are many deserted building starting to appear along the way now.

We are amazed as to how little traffic there is on the highway. Actually even on the Barrier highway between between Cobar & Broken Hill there were not even a lot of semis.
About 70k up from Hawker we pulled into a rest area which is at the entrance to Brachina Gorge.

MONDAY 11.5.15
Called into Leigh Creek north of Brachina for a few groceries as well as check internet. Country in drought but there are green grass pickings either side of the road. Not a lot of traffic.

The next tiny spot we stopped at for a fuel top-up was Lyndhurst. This place with a store, fuel, showers, toilets, a few homes and just before the Strezelecki Track ends here there is a small van park.
Once we leave here we are on the dirt roads for quite a few kms.

The following photos are of just a few of the derelict buildings that are being stabalized with
information signs in front each building.
A 2009 photo of the bakery then some in 2013 when we spent a couple of nights here.

We arrived in here this year hoping for the same feed but, (should have checked their website I guess) they are no opening until next week so that they will still be open for the June/July school holidays.
We still decided to spend 3 nights here as not busy at the moment. Only disadvantage is the dust from what traffic there is driving through the camp area. It has also been very windy.

Yesterday we walked back to the “township” to see what had been done since 2013. There are many more informative signs done. The cost is still $5pp/pn,Kevinr,the station owner,empties the rubbish bins well as attending to the very clean flush toilets. Admittedly, because of the water shortage out here the showers are very weak but as long as you light the donkey hot water system you can have a very hot shower. I decided not to try to wash hair as certainly would take too long & waste too much water. There are huge fire pit around the camp ground as well as table & stools.
Last night I cooked a roast lamb in my camp oven which was a welcome meal. Folk who walked past could smell & said that they would join us for dinner.
The water is dam water & suitable for washing up, cleaning teeth etc but maybe a bit dicey to drink even if it is boiled.
We are waiting until to-morrow to see if our travelling companions arrive from just down the road. We are moving up to Marree to-morrow then up the Oodnadatta Track.
Decided to do a small amount of “small” washing this morning as need the genny started to charge phones, computer, camera batteries, rechargeable batteries, kindle etc.
Shall send this when next back in service.


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