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May 18, 2015

Wednesday 12th May. Left Farina for the short drive up to Marree for the night t wait for our other four travelling companions to travel with them for a couple of days as far as Oodnadatta. Do not know what the rocks in the second photo are supposed to represent!

Went into the pub just to check that it was still OK to stop behind the pub and yes showers were still $2 placed in tin in showers. They have a sign on the tin saying that under video survey lance to check that all pay for the showers. talking to guy behind the bar & he said that they show the video s at 2pm every day but would sell them to me if I wanted them. His comment was that there is always money in the tins in both showers. Gone up to $5 shower though but wonderful showers as the water is sooooo hot but only disadvantage is that it is artesian & does not lather at all.
Chris & Val plus Lesley & Erich arrived about 4pm but decide to go up the road a few ks & wait for us there in the morning. Before leaving we filled 2x20lt drums with their water to use for all except drinking. It is drinkable but a little salty.

There is only internet here at their communications room but we were not worried about needing it. Two years ago I went there & paid $5/30 mins then it took about 10 of those minutes to connect.

I did not take photos here this time so if anyone interested have a look at my 2013 blog from here.
Got fuel- plus fresh from local baker, a huge cream bun for Bruce & I got a chicken & herb sausage roll which was yummy. Got into trouble from Chris when we got there for not getting her a cream bun! At least Bruce sat in the car a ate it.
Our first stop was at Algerrie creek where there are lots of “statues” made from scrap metal.Once again my 2013 blog has photos.
Only took a couple here.

Next stop was in 4k off the highway to see the BUBBLER. (This track is in perfect condition)

The next “official” cap site was a few ks up the road to Coward Springs but we all agreed to press on to William Creek. Had lunch there as well as fuel and the dump point which has just been installed. Owner is not happy that he cannot get any phone/ internet coverage.

Found a nice spot to set up camp for the night further up the track as we had decided it was too far to go to Algebuckina for the night.
This spot was beside a totally dry cattle water hole so knew that we would not be disturbed by them during the night.
Chris had a bottle of Champers for our first night together which was very thoughtful of her but then again that is Chris- thank you for that.
We soon had the fire going after the men dug a hole.

The next morning wandered over the the stock yards which Erich had mentioned last night & showed us a photo of a construction in the yards & he wanted to know what it was. Our best guess was a horse breaking pole.

Above is the pipe putting no water into the cattle dam.

Sun setting behind the trees. The flies were persistent here so we donned fly nets for a while. We cooked our veges in foil then inside to eat as it was getting rather cool by this.
We had a disaster the following morning. My fault. Bruce was on the toilet & when water is a little precious we use dettol wipes to wash hands, which I thought that he would do this time. To get the last few drops of water out of the sink tap I turned the pressure pump off & turned the tap on to drain it. BUT, Bruce decided he wanted water so into sink & turned the pump on not realized that I left the tap on & unfortunately there was my small wash up bowl in the sink not allowing the water to drain & before he noticed that the sink tap was running there was a flood!!!!
I came back from my walk to saw mats on the car hood, awning out with the blanket hanging up as there was one corner on the floor. What a b—-y mess. Had to empty all the kitchen cupboards as all containers were full of water etc etc.
I asked how, when he flicked the pressure pump on he had not noticed that the tap ( under that switch) was running but apparently went straight back to ensuite, washing & cleaning teeth etc with the exhaust fan still going so did not hear the water running.
Consequently we had a lot to do before leaving there. Friends went on towards Algebuckina Bridge where they were going to wait for us. We were thinking of spending the night here & luckily a guy on a bicycle arrived. We asked him where he had come from – Ah just over the road at the waterhole which was just what we had hoped to find.
Val had also wandered around & had already found the spot so we all headed over the road for the night. We could not find spots to park at the water edge but was not a problem. Continuing on towards Algebuckina Bridge and , hopefully, the waterhole.

The last few photos around the bridge are from 2013 blog.
Sunday 19th May
Left the water hole in a beautiful clear day with no wind for a change. Got a waterhole reflection with no ripples on the water.

Only 59ks into Oodnadatta & now the road was considerably improved.
Only a few cattle sighted along the way as well as a road gang doing road repairs.

As we approached Oodnadatta, because the Painted Desert is south of the “town” on the road to Coober Pedy the beautiful colored sandstone hills were visible in the distance . Could not see the actual Painted Desert but you get a small indication as to their colors.

Everything here is pink, as you can see. Since last here in 2011& 2013 the place has been cleaned up considerably, inside & outside. Cafe is spotless & we indulged in toasted sandwiches & coffee. There is a well stocked store behind the cafe section. Not cheap which is to be expected. Eggs were $5.50. Our 2 toasted sandwiches plus my coffee plus a milk shake were $21 but I thought it would be more than that.
Our friend found out that the Perdika track into Dalhousie Springs was opened 2 days ago so that meant we were going our separate ways as we headed out to Marla on the Stuart Highway. We did not have time to go with them as have to be in Alice Springs by 22nd. We all take off together from there about the 28th going across the Gary Junction Road. The photo below is of a small piece of deep bulldust which could prove disasterous for anyone to hit this is travelling at speed.

As I wanted to get blogs up to date to post as soon as into service we decided to stop here for the night, about 50Ks from Marla. In 210 ks to-day we have seen 6 other vehicles, 3 going either way.
Sunday night, this cook is on strike for a change. Baked Beans on the menu .
Catch you later.


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