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May 9, 2015

Well after a night with the temp down to 9 degrees we did not get our of bed until 7.30 because needed food! Foolishly yesterday afternoon we parked beside trees between us & the sun this morning! We were still on the road by 9am which is our usual time. We back tracked 17ks to head west Warren. . This huge shed is a Grain Corp container .

Driving along came to the road left to Galargambone with this very appropriate sign.

As we came into Warren the huge amount of cotton grown here became very evident as there were literally hundreds of modules lined up on the fields as well as hundreds beside the Cotton Gin.

Arrived at Nyngan in time for lunch after going for a walk up the street. Got back to the van only to find that one of the tyres had a slow leak & guess what it was? a dam Cooper. Found a Beaurepaire workshop as some one could not be bothered changing it himself- excuse was that it needed to be repaired as well. It had a metal screw just long enough to go right through.

This was a tribute to early pioneers of the Bogan Shire.
On the road again & headed for Cobar. What a boring 129k drive! Dry monotonous country with a few cattle & sheep grazing, lots of feral goats .

Stopped at the Information centre to find out how to get to the Old Reservoir where we wanted to stop for the night. No body here until a few locals arrived to exercise their dogs.

Took myself off for a walk – van is just visible right over the other side .
Woke up to this sunrise over the reservoir as well as a few pidgeons & Lorikeets having their first drink of the day.

Back into Cobar for the dump point as well as some photos in the park opposite the Information centre. Had a chat with the woman in he centre & she was telling us how rude some of the travellers are when coming in for information.

After getting fuel we headed towards Wilcannia then Broken Hill.
The drive to Wilcannia was not very pleasant as conditions very dry as we approached Wilcannia & have posted a couple of photos showing the difference after floods in 2012 & now. During the dry there is always a lot of road kill as the kangaroos come to the roadside for any green pickings.

It is obvious in areas that there has been some rainfall & where that has happened, because of plenty of feed, there is not often road kill. The first photo below is now showing how dry Wilcannia country is compared when we were through here in 2012.

We did not stop at Wilcannia as we have been here a couple of times previously. Headed west to stop for the night at #905 Spring Hills Creel which we have stopped at before. We were there by about 3pm & there were already 6 vans there & it is not a very large area. Very noisy until the traffic eased off about 8pm. Decided to watch a movie for the first time this trip.

About another 100k to Broken Hill where all we wanted was fuel and apart from that did not stop but shall post a few photos from another stay here.
These photos were taken in 2009. When we went out to the hill where the Living Sculptures are situated we decided to wait for sunset When the wind started we had to sit down behind the hill as it was so cold so fortunately the wind was coming from the opposite direction to the sunset.

Just relaxing!

On the road after fuel as far as a rest area just over the border into South Australia as had to stop to “top & tail” a few vegetables before the check point. Also had steak, eggs, tomato & onion (to use them before check point). Decided to also have our showers here as only 1pm & decided it would be warmer than late this afternoon. There is a rest area at Yunta where 2 other vans had already pulled up for the night. We are right beside the main east/west railway line on one side & the highway the other! No tv so shall find another movie to watch probably. Only problem is that all I have to go by is the title as no details available. We were given them last year .
All for now o travel safe travelling friends & love to all our family.


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