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May 6, 2015

Well we arrived here on the 15th April to , quite willingly, be a taxi driver, cook , washer /ironing woman, odd job man, wound dressing nurse (many years since done this), for daughter post –op. We intend staying for about 3-4 weeks, as we have to be in Alice Springs by 22nd June. Her sister collected her from hospital in Brisbane and, as it was the end of the school holidays, she bought her home on the 17th . Her brother with his son and daughter had arrived on the 16th and that meant that all our children & their children would be together for the first time since November 2012. Not quite correct, One grandson would be away playing Rugby on the Friday night.
A few photos of city and country cousins having fun with the country ones teaching the city cousins to drive the gator.

The girls from Brisbane packed s much in in the 24 hours they were here, even had to get out of bed as soon as they could see to teach the last one to drive. as you can see they were very pleased with themselves.
This place is always a great spot for sunrise/sunset photos.

At the moment this place is a hive of activity. Men are getting ready to plant chick peas as well as transferring chick peas from silos to semis to be sold.
I do not know all the working details of the machinery but all very complicated as far as I can see!

This last photo shows “rubbish” being extracted from the peas & going into the bin on the white truck.

This last photo shows, apart from two retired farmers talking about nothing probably, as well as the chick peas, after rubbish extracted, being loaded onto the semi.

This is one part of the farm being planted.
We also celebrated our eldest granddaughter’s 15th birthday, the first time for many years as we are usually “on the road”.

With her sister and brother- gorgeous children but than I guess to grand parents all grandchildren are gorgeous!
Have been taking the children out to meet the school bus which is beside the Newell highway as well as into town for various sporting activities.
we had lunch yesterday at the Crossing Theatre with a good friend from Wee Waa who used to live in Bundaberg.
The following photos are of the chick peas being planted.
The last weekend with the family we went into Narrabri to markets as well as to watch the girls play netball.

Glow of sunset from our van door. The moon, sorghum crop along the horizon in front of the ranges.

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