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May 6, 2015

Well we are on the road now until about October, all going to plan. Our first stop was at Narrabri tog o to the bank to, hopefully, collect a replacement credit card. Not there so they are posting it to branch in Alice Springs for me to collect there. Guess what, we got 45klms on our way & she rang- it had arrived but we definately not turning around to collect.
Headed towards Wee Waa from Narrabri . AS we approached Wee Waa we started passing cotton fields with cotton ready to be picked plus modules in the back ground.

As we have been to Wee Waa a few times we did not stop but continued on towards Pilliga.

A lot of the cotton is now baled in these round bales.
Coming into Pilliga we passed the Pilliga hot pool & there must have been about 40 vehicles parked there. We stopped there 2 years ago so decided continue on as it was not yet 1pm.

Further on we began to pass sheep country. Looks very dry but there is water everywhere from the recent rain.

We had been warned about the road from here to Coonamble being rough & it was not the best. Parts were very good & parts were bad. Our kettle has never jumped off the bench but it greeted us at the step when we opened the van door!
Travelling along this road there are many signs protesting about the Coal Seam Gas.

This is just a couple of them.
Got to Coonamble where we decided to have lunch, then a wander through town.
There are what look like Jacaranda trees in the car park, flowers the same, but they usually flower at exam time- November! They are either very confused or a different type of tree.

A couple of the old pubs in town as well as some great stories depicting local identities.

Have taken a photo of the whole piece of “art work” then a close up of the story.

We were only going another 32k to rest area #852 which is beside the road south to Gilgandra.


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