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April 16, 2015

Well we finally left our friend Bernies where we had been “camped” since leaving our address on the 6th April.

Was mixed thoughts as we said goodbye because we have some happy “drinkies” times inside with her & Mango- her very boisterous Jack Russel.
We headed up the D’Aguilia highway with our first stop for a cuppa at a

rest area we had driven past many times.

Passed through Kilcoy , Esk to Gatton. The grazing country through here is really looking good due to recent rain with cattle all in good condition. .

Approaching Gatton the first of the vegetable crops appeared. The Lockyer Valley is the Salad Bowl of S.E. Queensland where many varieties of salad/veges are grown.

Once again we stopped at the park beside the Information Center in Gatton for lunch. I also wanted to have another look at the LIGHTS ON THE HILL memorial to all Truckies killed in driving accidents- there are literally hundreds of names on the walls.

There is also a Motor museum beside the Info centre but we have not had a look at that yet.
Left there after lunch

heading towards Heifer Creek (to bypass the Toowoomba Range) on the way to Leyburn for the first night.
We were going to stop at the Darling Downs Zoo to have a look at the white lion cubs but at $25pp decided that we had seen them on TV!
On the way to Ma Ma Creek the farmers were now working in pasture crops.

A little further along there was a few large fields with potatos in various stages of growth and there were newly planted crops being watered with various of irrigation.

The water winches are so much easier to use. The spray lines need shifting every few hours and many times the farmers have to set alarms to get up during the night to move the lines. I know as we used to do this when irrigation sugar cane. Well, I used to sleep through the alarm when Bruce got up to shift the pipes!
We crossed the New England highway between Toowoomba & Warwick and now the crops were mainly pastures as well as Sunflower & Milo nearly ready to harvest. Things are a little dryer through here .

Arrived at Leyburn mid afternoon after 340ks to-day.
The sports ground here is a freedom camp site with flushing toilets. usually a lot of vans here but there was only 3 others so very quiet night.
15.4.15 left here about 7.30 as wanted to get to Bellata mid afternoon.

Inglewood is a big Olive growing area.

We have never seen dairy cattle along here before but they were certainly on good pastures with the Centre Pivot walking.

Yelarbon was the next tiny town we passed through- we usually stop a night here at the recreation grounds which are always very tidy with clean hot showers & toilets. When you get there the hot water power has to be turned on if no-one there before you. A caretaker comes around each afternoon to collect $15 pn.
We decided to take the Border scenic drive to Goondiwindi instead of continue on the highway. There is an historic bridge over the McIntyre River at the NSW/QLD border along this route. We drove over the bridge at about 5klm/hour. It was like riding on a wave over the old boards.

McIntyre rive r rather dirty due to recent rain. The road through here is only a one vehicle wide sealed for most of the way but no traffic. I think we met 3 vehicle in about 40klms.

A turkey nest is a man made above ground structure built for water storage for irrigation.
Soon at the big round about south of Goondiwindi & heading towards Moree.

Stopped at Boggabilla where we usually do to fill up with fuel as the cheapest around & a very big truck stop. However, yesterday fuel, cafe all closed for big renovations. Fortunately there is a depot over the road open 24 hours so we filled there. For anyone interested they are giving discounts for cash, debit card or direct debit.
At Moree we used the dump point as usual then to grocery shop for daughter.
A lot of road works along the Newell south from here – we sat for about 25 mins at one stop.

Got to daughter’s about 3pm . We now here until about the end of the 1st week in May. Acting as head bottle washer, cook, washer woman, taxi driver for a few weeks as daughter has had surgery in Brisbane. All good as will be about October before we will see them again.
It was just so quiet here last night on the property, apart from the distant drone of the semis out on the highway which is about 3klm from here as the crow flies.


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