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2015 MY BLOG

January 12, 2015

Shall start this blog just before New Year, on the 28.12.14. Mel & Rocky suggested that we go for a day driving up to Baffle then Town of 1770 , taking a picnic lunch with us.This road is now a very busy “highway” as lots of buses and travellers alike use this as a short way to Bundaberg, by passing Gin Gin. It reduces the drive by about 20 minutes. Reached the tiny town of Rosedale- not new to Bruce & I as our children used to attend annual Primary School Sports days here in the 1970s-80s. Took a couple of photos while driving through Rosedale.

The main north /south railway line passes through Rosedale.
Back on the main road again and heading towards Baffle Creek to check out what used to be Baffle Bob’s caravan park. It has now had big change since the floods 2013 & under new management. The boat ramp is only for use by the resident in the caravan park.
A little further down we stopped at the public boat ramp for a cuppa. This ramp is opposite the village of Colonial Cove, which was also inundated in the 2013 floods.
The next stop was to check out the Broadwater Haven. There are 12 fully self contained cabins- just need food and clothes plus boat fishing is the reason to come visit this place.

Loved this sign on the way in which is 6kms along a dirt track.

The Broadwater in front of the cabins is the finish Of Deepwater Creek which runs through the Deepwater NP. The ocean is out through the trees on the left and in the distance on the right .

After leaving here we entered the Deepwater NP travelling towards Wreck Rock.

This is not a very inviting camp spot. There is basically no sunlight for solar panels, only drop loos with the sites too close for our liking. I imagine that there would be many sand flies/midges as well. Because it was still holiday time there were hardly any vacancies so was not easy to find a spot to park.
We walked down to the ocean, just a few hundred metres. There were swimmers snorkeling not too far off shore. We spoke to a Uni student who was doing his PHD on Turtles, whose nests he has to check each day. There are 39 along this short stretch of beach and they are trying to work out the bet way to stop the Goannas raiding the turtle egg nests.

Asked the ranger what the road up to Agnes Water was like and he asked if we were in a 4WD- we soon found out why! Mel and I were in the front so I was able to take a couple of photos while driving as if you stopped there was no way you would get mobile again.

This was what the “road was like for approximately 20 kms. If you met a car heading towards you either one had to find a spot to try to pull to the side while hoping that you could take off again.There was one really bad spot which, if you had to stop, you would have had to be winched or snatch strapped out. Fortunately we did not meet too many cars heading towards us. Bruce and I made the comment that if the Toyota had got bogged there was a Patrol following us which would have been able to push the Toyota!!!
By this time it was lunch so managed to find a spare table in Agnes- people everywhere. This is a patrolled beach but noticed that there were surfers swimming outside of the flags. This park is next to the caravan park which we had stayed in about seven years ago. There are now cabins built right along the front of the caravan park totally blocking any sea breezes or views.
We did a drive up to Town of 1770 and this town had gone ahead so much. Even if we had wanted to stop anywhere, finding a park would have been hopeless. So crowded everywhere. Homes built in impossible sites just to get an ocean view. One was on stilts which looked to be about three stories high! This was one of the monuments up here.

Headed back down the good sealed road as far as the Avondale Tavern where we turned off to show Mel where our farm was at Bucca. Also tried to work out where Gina Rinehardt’s new mine is supposed to be opening!
Drove down McLellan’s Lane to see our home which is not visible because of how big all the mango trees I had planted way back in the 1970s have grown. Two kms up the road we passed Bruce’s old watering hole, the Bucca Pub which is listed in Camps Australia Wide.
Was surprised at what the old Bucca Crossing over the Kolan river now looks like since the 2013 floods. The first photo which is now a nice picnic spot used to be trees.

We finally for back to Coral Cove to enjoy a cold beer at 5pm, after a thoroughly enjoyable day.

Up ear;y next morning for my walk to this sunrise, then out the back that afternoon the sunset.

This part of the coast is called Innes Park, named after the ancestors of the Innes family from Walla Station. Hopefully you will be able to read the sign. It is also possible to listen to one of the granddaughters talking about the family. Our family has been friends since before I was born and Caroline, Patricia’s sister, was my bridesmaid in 1967.

While we were at our friend’s here Bruce was out at the farm helping Rocky with various jobs but it did not look as they were doing too much!!

Could not resist this photo of them putting boots on before heading out to the farm.

Another mornings sunrise. This one fascinated me as the sun was rising directly behind a tall thin cloud which is not easy to see in the photos.

New Years’s Eve fortunately I was able to get an appointment with the surgery I used to go to before we left Bundaberg as I was almost sure that I had developed Shingles so wanted to get the treatment within the 72 hour time frame. Swab and blood test confirmed that it was Shingles so glad that I did not put off going to the Dr.
That was not a good day for Bruce either as he had another Meniere’s attack so that put plans to us celebrating New Year’s Eve- but that would not have been any different to other years as cannot remember when we last saw the New Year in.

New Years Day we were at Coral Cove Bundaberg still parked in our friend’s yard. On 2nd we headed south to Sippy Downs to see our son for his birthday- ugh – 45th- sure makes us feel we are “ageing!”.
This weekend Trent and Sophie went to spend the last three weeks of the holidays with their mother so that was another reason to get back to our son’s to see our grandies as well step grandies.

Sunday 11th we decided to do some local tourist things. Headed off with picnic lunch to travel the Blackbutt Range circuit.

Left Sippy Downs past Australia Zoo, through Landsborough and up the range towards Maleny.
AS usual, on a Sunday morning, all the coffee shops etc in this tourist town had folk at all the side walk tables enjoying their coffees or breakfasts. We had trouble finding a park to get to the Tourist bureau so had quite a walk.
This tree was in full bloom- so beautiful with a loud sound of bees.

Our first stop was at the Gardner’s Falls on Obi Obi Creek at Maleny. This was a very popular place to cool down. Some enterprising folk had attached a rope to a very high tree as a swing rope out over the creek just below the “falls’’.

After there we headed north to Montville another quaint village/town up here. The Kondalilla Falls were the next detour from the road. There was just no parking in here at the car park, with cars parked beside the narrow road. The walk down to the falls would have been ok but coming back was a steep climb up the stairs apparently and as we did not have walking shoes we decided against the walk- next time.
Next had a stop at Gerrard’s lookout which over looks the Sunshine Coast- unfortunately not a totally clear day. Did not have my panoramic camera with me and these two photos did not stich too well- sorry about that!

Passed through the tiny spot of Flaxton on towards Mapleton where we again detoured off the road to have a look at the Mapleton Falls.

All these places have such small parking areas but fortunately we were lucky this time.

There is a great view from the lookout which is extremely high and there was only a trickle running down the falls.

There is a 1.2 km circuit walk through the rain forest so decided to do that even though we did not have walking shoes. The walk was totally under cover with the palms and trees and was rather muggy.

These Piccabeen trees are just so tall, all trying to reach the sun above. With the amount of palm fronds covering the ground It is not hard to imagine what would happen if a fire started and on the other hand during floods they would all be washed down the valley.
There is evidence of previous fires everywhere.

We did not hear very many bird sounds at all and saw no wildlife on the whole walk.

The colours in some of the ferns really stood out under the forest but there was not a lot of stags which surprised us. A couple of the fungi were rather pretty with many fallen logs covered in lichen.

As it was getting towards lunch time we decide to head down to Kenilworth to find a nice park to eat. Well, we certainly did not know that the road down the range was going to be one way for quite a distance- and winding dirt at that. Just as well it is only one way because there is no where to go except sown the side- a very long way!.

Finally got into Kenilworth for lunch with once again parks full with families but fortunately we found an empty table which we offered to share with a family of five. Naturally got talking and the “oldie” are travellers also, up here visiting family. Last year while in WA they had nine flat tyres and they use a slideon so flats were all on one vehicle.
As the cheese factory was close went for some tastings but were very disappointed after Bega tastings- no where near as nice- for our tastes anyway.
Now for the completion of the circuit through the Conondale NP back to Maleny but first detoured off for five kms to check out the Charlie Moreland camp site which is in the Camps book. Very basic and beside a creek with clear running water. One side of the road is for day visitors and the other camping. There was only one van in there but plenty of tents. The road in was rough gravel.

This whole drive had been through just beautiful cattle properties.

Back into Maleny and around to Mary Cairncross park for the wonderful view over all the Glass House Mts- pity about the misty weather though.

Noticed this herd of dairy cattle wandering up to the milking shed at Maleny Dairies.

The weather has held off with no showers and finally back at caravan about 4.30, rather tired.


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