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July 17, 2014

Well we woke up to a beautiful day, even if a little windy so headed off for our round trip up Wattamolla-Woodhill Rd from Berry and guess what? We were once again climbing through the Great Divide Range. The plan was to have a look at Kangaroo Valley town then back to Berry via the Kangaroo Valley Rd which would have been about 50k total. 1982 was the last time we were on these roads and all we could remember that the country was picturesque.

The properties along the way are all dairy farms with Holstein milkers looking very contented with their pastures & winter coats to keep them warm.

We drove past one very large milking shed complex where there were poddys penned to keep away from their mothers until after milking.

Did not take a lot of photos on the way up, mainly because was beginning to feel a little car sick. This is not unusual for me and I am surprised that this is the first time on this trip because we have been on some very good “motion sickness roads”. Got out of the car at the little town to be met with a bitterly cold westerly wind. Because of the narrow streets (main road) we walked to check out the old buildings. Went into the Info centre to ask about the Fitzroy Falls we had read about. Well, the man in there could not have cared less- did not even look up from his computer when I asked him for directions. “Just go 15 mins up the highway” . OK.
Before going “15 mins up the highway” we had a coffee & hot scones and took some photos- how unusual!

There would be no fuel at this service station!

The old bakery looked as though it had a tree growing up the centre but soon found out that was not the case. The third photo shows the well used to get water for the bakery.

. Continuing on down the street past a few more old buildings with modern signs.

Did not know what this tree was- they are everywhere- until I saw one for sale in the IGA here in Berry. It is a Magnolia.

Back to the car & decided to drive the few klms to check out the Bendeela reserve #551 in camps 7 as had been told it is a beautiful spot beside the river.
It certainly is very nice as can be seen by the photo but we decided against going there because of the entrance, or should I say the 1.5k very steep descent which included a “V” turn when almost at the bottom. The sign says short steep road & that is just what is it. If for any reason you had a brake failure going either way you could be saying goodbye van & probably vehicle as well. Then again, it would depend on the individual as well, but we both decided that the site was not worth the long pull back up the hill. I can imagine how crowded it would be in the summer for water sport.

Back out to the Moss Vale road we turned north to go have a look at these falls. The climb up the range was getting worse- more curves & tighter corners. The Navman blurred photos show the tight corners on a not very good sealed road.

Pulled into the car park- $3 parking fees and our NSW NP pass had expired so we renewed it while we were there.

The wind was cold but when we got out to the lookout over the falls it was “bitterly cold” . The view was spectacular down the valley to say the least.

The walk out to the lookout was only very short but when we got back to the kiosk another walker asked us if we had gone out to the 800 m lookout back to the falls. This time Bruce went back to car to get his hooded coat & our gloves.

From this vantage point it is possible to see the smaller falls under the long falls as well as see how the wind sends the water sideways! The first lookout is above the falls and to the left a little.
We were hoping to spot a platypus in the clear stream but no such luck.

Some of the ferns on the walk are so fine.

Another Navman photo of the twists & turns!

We were starting to get rather hungry so decided to stop at this tiny shop which we had noticed on the way up – it said that it had the “worlds best pies”. How many places try to claim the same thing?

Inside the store was a jumble of all sort of things, old & new, and the pies were really the best we have tasted for a long long time. They were $6.50- yes, I know, but they were large pies with real pieces of meat.
The famous Kangaroo Valley Bridge was just around the corner & there were no vehicles to spoil my photo. Back through the centre of Kangaroo Valley then down the range to Berry and a cuppa.

This really is a beautiful drive to fill in a day. The driver has a problem because he/she misses out on some of the scenery, but my driver likes driving so that is what he does so I can take photos.


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