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July 16, 2014


We are finally back into NSW but still travelling up the Princes highway through the hills, with the weather improving greatly- thank goodness. The first town we expected to see was Eden but cruising along & noticed one of those brown tourist signs which indicate a “Kodak” moment coming up. The big sign on the right indicated what to look for but gave no indication as to what it might be.
This is what we found.

Would have loved to have a look inside the complex as is now a Boutique luxury hotel.

Now into Eden another typical coastal holiday, fishing, tourist spot on the coast. We did not stop here as the goal was to get to Bega for the cheeses!

We bought quite a range of cheeses from the factory as well as having afternoon tea for Bruce’s birthday. Drove up to the lookout where, according to the Camps book, it was an overnight rest stop. However when we got up there there are signs saying NO CAMPING OVER NIGHT. That was ok as there was another one listed just 30ks further up the highway. The view over Bega was worth the stop over looking the town as well as dairy cattle leaving the milking yards below us.

The rest stop was beside the highway on top of the hill & obviously a new stop- the one we were going to stop at is at the bottom of the hill but we reckoned that it would be warmer on top of the hill so that is where we spent the night & it was not even noisy from the traffic. The views over the properties was nice as well. Certainly driving up through the Bega valley we had passed through some wonderful countryside. The dairy cattle are in very good condition, huge udders so we can imagine the milk & cream which they would produce.


After a good nights sleep on the road again with the next stop being to the coast to check out Bermagui. Also another tourist, fishing spot with the beautiful Bermagui rv. We found a fish market & decided to stock up on fresh fish. For only $38 we got enough deep sea fresh fish for 7 meals for both of us. Got fish we had never heard of but it was beautiful. Driving north we once again noticed a brown tourist sign pointing to a National Trust town so off we headed into the hills. This town is called Tilba and it is one of the quaintest villages we have wandered around.

It is not the best with a big van behind trying to find a park but we managed. The roads are very narrow, winding around hills. First there was Tilba Tilba with just a couple of buildings & we did not stop here, but a little further on came to Central Tilba!

It was close to lunch time so the Bakery was right in front of us on the walk so why not? Went inside only to find that there was very little to eat as they were closing down that day for the winter.

Back out to the highway & heading north towards Narooma, where we were hoping that we could see a lady whom we had last seen here in 1982, but send Christmas cards every year. Knocked on her door & when she came down the stairs (double story home) she recognised us almost immediately. Now this lady had turned 92 the day before (Bruce’s birthday). We had only intended having a cuppa with her but that was definately not going to happen! Had to park on the spare allotment next door to stay for a couple of nights. With the cuppa we had to have a piece of her birthday cake which her daughter had made for her. Her memory is as sharp as a tack, wonderful sense of humour & gets up & down the stairs very well.

A little about her’s & Bruce’s family. She & Bruce have the same grandmother & to cut a long story short, their grandmother was married 3 times & Rene’s mother was from the first marriage & Bruce’s mother was from the third marriage. Rene was very disappointed, as were we, that her daughter had just left that morning to go to Sydney. Had we got there the day before instead of mucking about she & Bruce could have celebrated their birthdays together & we could have met her only child. Ted, her husband, died 6 years ago.

Friday we went for groceries with out the van ( not easy with all the hills) as well as seeing some of the tourist spots not that there were many. Narooma is also basically tourism, fishing, boating etc. I did some washing & for the first time in about 6 weeks actually had sunshine to dry my washing. Her home overlooks the ocean & when they built there 40 year ago there were only 11 homes. The above ground power lines really spoil the views however. Taken from her lounge room doors. Oops forgot to straighten the sunset hues photo! One cloud in the sky & it happened to be right where the sun came up. Had to get out of the van & sneak up the creaky stairs past Rene’s bedroom to get this from her narrow verandah which they have around 3 sides of the home – she has chairs to sit & ponder the past & get out of the wind no matter which way it is coming & still have ocean views.

Montague Is is visible as well (always mentioned in the Boxing Day Yacht race).


These locks were all around the base of this lookout!

The Glass house rocks are the only other things we really saw on that walk.

Any golfers here would have a hard time concentrating on their game I would think as the course runs along the ocean front.

All good things come to an end so we had to say goodbye to this wonderful lady, thinking that we would probably not see her again.

Driving along the highway noticed an old building on a hill to the right which I wanted to see so we had to keep driving until we could find somewhere to do a U turn & fortunately a few klms further there were road works where we could turn around.

The inside of this church was worth turning around! I think so anyway.

Our next stop up the highway was Moruya where we discovered that the granite for the Sydney Harbour bridge pylons was shipped down to Sydney after being mined at Moruya.

These photos & information are behind glass as well as a wire cage so not easy to take photos.

The web site is interesting reading.://

Did a detour into another tiny coastal town called Guerilla Bay.

The walk through the Banksia trees would have been much more beautiful if the trees had been in full bloom because even with the few flowers still around there were a lot of birds feeding off them.

Bateman’s Bay was a short drive further north and once again a tourist haven. We saw a small park at the water edge ( a motor home parked) so decided it looked a good spot for lunch. Turned in off the highway- oops- no room to turn around & it was not a drive through spot even though from the road it looked as though it was a drive through. Ok, got our levelling blocks out & put in the gutter as too high to drive over (even for our vehicle & van!) on to the grassed area & off again then had lunch. Where there is a will there is a way!

Continued on that afternoon through Ulladulla to the show grounds at Milton where we intended staying for a couple of nights. $18pn for power, water, showers, toilets & dump point. Lady came around 4.30 to collect fees. There are 4 different parking areas, each with about 4 power points, nice level green grassed parks.

Sunday morning we wandered the local markets which were rather good, then to Super Cheap to try to get a new passenger side wide mirror but no luck. Then went to Harris Scarfe store advertising a huge sale- 1/2 price! Have never been in one of these stores before as none in QLD. Got myself an all weather jacket (bit late for this year) for $48 down from $110 so was rather pleased with that purchase. Bruce has been after a glass large enough to hold his can of coke plus a nip of rum! Also found 2 of those $10 down from $25! As Repco was not open (mirror) we went there Monday after deciding to spend another night here at Milton. Did a drive to see the lighthouse which we were told about then a couple of grocery items for me to do some baking- scones & a no bake slice.

Mollymook is adjoining Ulladulla & certainly has a beautiful beach.

This historic Milton bakery called us in for lunch after the morning at the markets & driving around looking at Ulladulla & Mollymook.

Washing called but before I could do any (my twin tub washing has been draining very slowly) Bruce pulled the back off & has now fixed that problem as well as repairing the rear view mirror. This mirror got broken because someone hit it by reversing too close to a tree & he did not see me trying to stop him. All good to leave here to-morrow (15th).

TUESDAY 15.7.14 A big trip to-day as we did about 75klms up to Berry show grounds, but had a couple of stops on the way, one being into Lake Conjola on the advice of friends. Speaking to a local he said that the lake had been cut off from the ocean for about 20 years. There was a board walk to get over to the beach.

This water was crystal clear and so still could see the birds reflected very clearly in the water as in the above photo. We did the walk to the beach & way in the distance there were dolphins (I did not see them). What was on the beach was a dead cuttlefish which we had never seen before. (Not an alive one either!)

Thanks Berny about warning us that we had to drive through a caravan park to get to the boardwalk otherwise we would have (nearly did) turned around.

Settled in at the Berry show grounds- this on $24pn with all facilities. Decided to stay here a couple of nights to enable us to go up to Kiama as well as up the Kangaroo Valley. Weather was supposed to be early morning showers then clear but drizzled all the way up to Kiama- only 24 ks. Once again the roads are continually up & down as round & round corners!!! The country is beautiful dairy cattle country though with big herds wither side of the road. At least the road was not lined with trees unable to be seen through, as the past weeks have been. The Shoalhaven vineyards, not a lot, were visible at times on the hillsides. Slow travel as there are massive road works being done on the south side of Kiama improving the Princes Highway- something like $385 million I think I read.

Drove straight to the Tourist centre which is where the famous blowhole is in Kiama. The last photo the “blow” was too big ( or I was too close) to capture the full height.

Advised to go for a drive up to Saddleback Mt lookout even though not a good clear day- hey! how many times have we had good days for photos anyway so what is another one? All the way up the drive there were dairy properties either side with the paddocks enclosed by stone walls/fences. The info man told us he thought that they were all made by one man- way back when!

Finally got to the top & what a view. The sky was a little clearer so could make out the coast line around to Wollongong. Could not stop to take this sign properly but definately not a road for vans etc.

If you can read the sign below it explains what is in the photos. Would like to know what this flower is growing along the roadside.

Noticed this old horse on the way up.

We had taken our lunch with us, but as was still drizzling at times cancelled the Kangaroo Valley trip hoping that the weather might be better to-morrow, so back to the van for lunch then a wander around the town of Berry. Decided that I really needed a haircut so found a salon & only had to wait about 15 mins. Now I will have to get back into my beanie to keep my head warm. Next stop was, naturally, the Treat Shop.

Once again Bruce found himself some chocolates. I got a macadamia caramel but there is no way I will be eating it as soooooooooo much sweeter than I was hoping. Back to the main street for a walk while the sun was out. Some nice old buildings but with cars parked everywhere not easy to get good photos. The Wilson Stores date is 1857.


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  1. Sounds like a lovely area to visit, Kay. There has been a Harris Scarfe store at Chermside Shopping Centre for several years and a new store is opening in Hervey Bay in August. I love their bargains.

    • Beautiful around the coast but not in winter, although all towns are tourist orientated only, fishing, tours, etc etc. The driving through the ranges almost continually between towns was rather boring (give us the outback). Sue (The HEgs) also commented on the store at Chermside. Shall have to remember them. Kangaroo Valley yesterday was a beautiful day trip, turning out to be much longer than we had thought but was not a problem. Cheers

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