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June 20, 2014

Well the weather was good, well OK, the last day at Halls Gap so we decided to attack the Pinnacle walk. Tourist info told us about a 2 hour walk as it was “up” all the way & was 2.1k each way. I really did not think that the knees would take me the whole way & was getting rather cranky with Bruce for continually saying “not far now!” Thanks goodness for our walking sticks. Many walkers, younger & much younger, passed us, they would stop they we would pass them but not for long. Their comments were “ you are doing well, keep it up!” Now I wonder did they think we were older than we are because of the walking sticks?
The photos will give you some idea of the walking track & also the beauty along the way. It certainly is very rough country. We never saw any wild life & heard very few birds. There are a couple of seats for a rest but naturally they were rather wet from fog/ rain/dew.

This from the back of the park decided us to do the walk.

We walked up via the Grand Canyon then around the loop to get back to the car park.

The following photos are directly up the walk we had to do.

There was a couple of misty showers on the way up & we had to shed our jackets as we were starting to sweat rather heavily but the jackets were soon back on as we got closer to the top. We had water in the back pack but were not game to drink too much in the cold weather- was OK for the men to get behind a rock or tree though.

Now for the return walk, most of which was down with only a couple of spots of short climbs. Believe me, it was much more pleasant going down & we stopped often to take some photos even though there was not a lot of flora but the sandstone cliffs were spectacular.

[the pinnacle walk at halls gap]


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  1. Congratulations for achieving this

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