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June 14, 2014

We left Walpeup & headed south towards Horseham with a stop for the night at Brim to meet up with Sandra & Dennis again. Had a nice surprise when I got a message from a couple on Aussie Caravanners Forum if we could actually “meet” as they were heading north the highway which we were travelling south. Arranged to meet for a cuppa & some raison toast at Lake Lascalles at Hopetoun.

This is a very nice spot with camping available around about half of the lake.

We stopped to collect some fire wood on the way down to Brim- on a request by Sandra! This is just what we did to keep the lady happy.

The properties along the way were mainly grain with occasional sheep & cattle. A local commented that there is a “green drought” . The farmers have sown since the small amount of rain they had a short time ago & because of that good growth everything looks very prosperous.

Love the little old deserted building on the hill in the second photo.

We had 2 nights at this great little spot called Brim, which is a large area with good amenities- hot showers, clean flush toilets, fire pits, 4 double power poles at various spots. Green grass or sealed areas. It is beside a lake which apparently gets rather busy with water sports on weekends.
All of this for $10/pn payable to the local pub or the service station.

Some I took on a wander around the lake at different times of the day.

We had our fire going from mid afternoon using it for all our cooking etc.

This big fella was beside the road before we turned off to Halls Gap.

Our first morning here the weather was not looking good to go up the mountain to some lookouts as rain had been forecast but decided to try our luck. The drive was approx 10k to the first lookout.

Low cloud over the ranges from the van park.

Part of the Grampians has been closed to visitors because of the damage from the January fires. There is evidence of new regrowth everywhere, as well as evidence that the fire fighters must have had a difficult job stopping the fire jumping the road. Notice on the right the green undergrowth but the fire devastation on the left. We are now up in the clouds as well.

The first lookout we stopped at was Boroka Lookout about 13ks up from Halls Gap, and this is what we saw. Two tourists had climbed the safety fence & were standing out where the cross is on the photo! Why do they take such risks and put our rescurers at risk if there is an accident.

It was not easy getting photos up there as had to grab a shot after a cloud passed, but managed to get a few.

A family of four were trying to take selfies so I took some for them & they returned the favour.

Coming back down through the cloud.

Our visitors at happy hour-there were about 20 of them .
I could not resist taking these photos. They are blurred as did not wait for camera to focus because I did not want them to see me.

This is Bruce’s photo!

To-day we did a trip over to Stawell for a look. It is a large country town with one of the best new/2nd hand stores I have seen, but not as good as the one at Castlemaine. At least I found a beer glass big enough to hold Bruce’s can of coke with rum. Also got myself 4 more (crystal as well) wine glasses for the van as have been having a breaking time. The next spot on the way home was the Halls Gap Zoo. We were told it was a big as Dubbo, well, it is big but no where near Dubbo size, even though it took us nearly 2 hours to walk the full zoo. They certainly have some wonderful exhibits.
A few of the birds/animals even though was not easy to get photos through the wire.

When we got there we were standing at the car having our lunch & a cuppa when this peacock decided that he wanted to be fed as well, that was after a magpie arrived.

Well sunshine to-day so decided to do a big wash. The sun did vanish occasionally but with the help of our “drying room” (ensuite with heater going) soon got it all dry including sheets & towels. Hopefully the weather will be as good to-morrow so that we can go back up the range to do the Pinnacle walk.

[Brim Halls Gap Stawell Halls Gap


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  1. Love your photos, even the one that Bruce took, the grumpy old men are fantastic, !!!

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