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May 31, 2014


Our visitors before we left. The navman shows us going over on the ferry when we left Lyrup beside the Murray to return to Lake Bonney. On the way we called into Berri for that necessity called food then into what looked to be the info centre to ask about a dump point as well as somewhere to fill up with water. She did not know as it was actually an info centre for the Library etc. Anyway she rang Barmera to be informed that we could go to the old Greyhound oval for the water at a tap there but the closest dump was at Renmark- wrong way- or down at Martin’s bend. Ok.
Off to Barmera to the Oval. Incidentally there is a dump point being installed there right now. Spoke to the plumber working there to find out where the tap was- after wandering around the grounds found that all had been removed or no water. Fortunately there was a separate tap in the toilet to use. All done so out to the Lake which was like glass. As the lake is divided by the road & the sun sets on the opposite side to the camping area, at sunset we went for a walk. Was amazed to see that the pelicans were settled in the trees for the night- at 4.30pm.

That is our van in the back of the photo. The time we spent there was worth it when the sun set.

We had the lake to ourselves that night. Awoke Saturday morning to another feeding frenzy for the water birds. Fascinating watching them as they follow the spawning fish.

Sandra & Dennis arrived at 11am & set up behind us. There is a narrow sandy road along the lake side so have to pull up off the road onto very uneven ground. Had to dig holes in sand on top side of van to get it level. Needed to wash sheets to-day as did not do them when at Faye & John’s as rain started.

The pelicans must have thought that they would get a free feed as were there when the lines were in water but we were even out of luck. Would probably have been Carp anyway.

The lights of Barmera.
The drive from Barmera through Berrie & back to Lyrup is through many vineyards as well as passing the largest winery in Australia- The Berrie Estates. The photos were taken, as usual, while driving past, but even if we had stopped would not have been able to get the huge complex in photos.

We were lucky enough to get to Lyrup & a power point each. Bruce & I wandered up to the local shop for a couple of things as well as some bait but she had none left. Still beautiful weather with warm nights.
The Willmotts & us put a tarp up which stopped the wind.

There were a few drops of rain during the night & what looked as though there was a huge storm coming this morning but only collected 15lt rain water from awning. Bruce tried to get fish with lures because we had no bait but waste of time. The nights turned rather cold when the wind started so the men got the fire going again. We used it for spuds etc in alfoil & I also cooked our steak straight over the coals- yum. Did this for 2 nights.
This is a large area with 4 power points. We were not happy when the van pulled in so close to us as there was plenty of space to set up further away & still connect to power. Was made a little more private when he drove his vehicle in between his & our van.

The last morning there was a beautiful mist over the river & it was also rather cool for the first time.

We stayed the allowed 3 nights here before heading east to Wentworth. Stopped at Renmark on the way through to collect the Trailmate jack which had to be repaired- after all has done 10 years work under the A-frame! $36.50 for repair kit but labour took it up to $155.26! Also filled the water tanks & emptied cassette.
We decided to go the Old Wentworth Road from here to get out of civilization.

We were looking for the sign which said “Welcome to NSW” but this looked as though this was it.

The road divided just past here, one way was called the Murray River Trail so we decided to take that road. In parts it came close to the river but we never actually saw the water. There was supposed to be cattle & sheep but we never saw one head of livestock & there was plenty of feed everywhere. Passed roads into a few stations along the way. Lake Victoria is a huge lake at Rufus River and also close to Lock 7 on the Murray.

This is Frenchman’s creek & leaves Lake Victoria to join the Murray just after lock 9.

This is the junction of the “top” strip of the Old Renmark Road.

[Lake Bonney, Lyrup, Old Wentworth road]


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