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May 2, 2014


It was 8 degrees when we all decided it was time to go into vans last night at 8pm. There was a chilly breeze sneaking around the corner as well as moisture on us if we had been sitting out from under the awnings- we soon realized this after about the first night just sitting under the stars.
Where we are parked borders a farm & there are many multiple birth lambs bleeting everywhere. A couple of after noons ago we were watching and listening too 5 of them calling for Mum. We assumed they were the triplets and one of the sets of twins. Four mums came running, each had a sniff of various lambs then found hers! Turned out there were one set of twins and 3 single births, It was fascinating watching to see how they found their correct lambs.

These were the twins and triplets a couple of days before, poor mum when they were all trying to suck.

Full moon shining through the clouds, or trying too.

When it is sunset here there is not really a view to take photos as the ranges are in the way.

Had a trip into Strathalbyn, only 14ks, to see the Dr. with my thumb. I had picked the bath mat up off the floor to throw over the shower & next second I was in the worst pain I have ever had- even worse than childbirth because it goes immediately after the even. From the tip of my thumb to the base joint , could not stop crying like a baby. The Dr was totally puzzled as to what was wrong because, as much as I would let her, the movement seemed OK. Too late for X-ray so she splinted it for me. Pain was still severe that afternoon but bearable & I certainly used some drugs that night. Poor Bruce even had to wash the breakfast things as only washing up once a day to use less water!. I had a good sleep as well. Next morning it was considerably better so rang up & cancelled X-ray & Dr appts.
Took splint off to have a better shower instead of hand in a plastic bag. Was standing in front of the stove jets for warmth while Bruce was trying to do up my bra as certainly could not use thumb.

The next day we went for a drive down to Goolwa, Hindmarsh Is, Milang on the Lake Alexandrina . We had been there before but wanted to see how much more water was around to compare with 2011 photo when there was a drought.
The farmers really need rain badly as there is no green anywhere- goodness knows what the sheep are eating & the few cattle we saw are obviously being hand fed because even with their winter coats they are looking good.

We went straight over the Hindmarsh Bridge to Hindmarsh Is to get to the head of the Murray Rv., and for Australian readers here you might remember the problems getting this bridge built because of “Secret Women’s Business”!

On this Island there is a huge marina with many million dollar homes- way out of all our pockets we all decided- so we did not tour through the area.

To the left the water goes up to a barrage which is on the southern edge of Lake Alexandrina.

The river goes up to the right for about 7ks to the main barrage with about 100 gates which controls the outlet of the Murray Rv. This is the mouth in the photo below.

This little old building has been turned into a coffee shop- also sells pidgeon poo!

Had to stop at info centre when back in town as I could not remember how to get down to the barrage.

Last time we were here the gate was closed but this time we were able to walk half the length of the barrage. There were many pelicans on the barrage past where visitors were not allowed.

Sunning themselves on the timber we noticed a couple of seals.

This is possibly a build up of salt on the timber!
Headed back into town for lunch then grocer shopping.

We left the others to go back toMilang which was only about 30ks. The roadside trees are even dying.

This is a beautiful lake with a caravan park on the foreshore.

Headed back to Ashbourne via Strathalbyn. There were many vineyards through here but they were not looking very healthy, some looked as though they were not even being cared for. Came past this huge winery complex as well. This hedge looked exactly the same in 2011. A photo from then and a new one.

Second photo 2014, first 2011.

Stopped when we got to the top of the hill on the way out of Strath for some snaps over the town.

The first one is 3 stitched & the last 2 zoomed over which is probably back at Milang!

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  1. We were down that way earlier, 28th April, wish we had known, could have caught up, leaving Leasingham Thursday, 8th May, heading for Adelaide, then will be in Loxton on the 14th May for 10 days

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