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May 2, 2014

TUESDAY 29.4.14
After saying goodbye to Heather & John we sort of south west to find the way around Lake albert to Meningie on the Princess Highway. Well we sort of got lost (missed the sign) and ended up at Raukkan, a very small, tidy & clean looking town.

Could not find the road to from here so decided to back track a couple of kms after taking a couple of photos. We are still on the edge of Lake Alexander with marshy looking country.

This last photo I took because of the beautiful church, only to find out from a forum member that it is on the $50 note, so checked & sure enough it is the one.
Before we got back to the ferry at Jurrong Bruce noticed the sign post for Meningieso we did not have to return via the ferry. There are sheep and cattle along here but goodness knows what they eat. Fortunately there is irrigation for pastures.

Lake Albert is also a very large freshwater lake.This lonely building in the middle of a property.

In Meningie we emptied the cassette then headed south to travel the coast road to Kingston via the Coorong which is NP from the Murray mouth up at Hindmarsh Is down to just north of Kingston at 42 mile crossing where the peninsular commences. There are many camping spots along here with basic facilities, permits required as well.

Hopefully these charts are clear enough to be able to understand where the Coorong is situated & what it is all about.
There is not a lot to see just driving because of roadside trees, no passing lanes & double lines a lot of the way.

These are from the only roadside spot to stop for a photo. That is the peninsular at the top of the photo.

Jack’s Point is just a short drive off the road with a Pelican observatory which we did not walk out to because of the weather. There are Pelican breeding islands here and large fines if you approach any closer than 140mtrs.

The next stop was a a tiny spot with a servo & a few buildings as well as this copy of an oil rig.

That is Salt creek above.
Just past here is a loop road of about 11ks so decided to go via that road. Really was not worth it as road side lined with trees most of the way & the road was worse than any we went on last year!
It was very corrugated as well as many pot holes & muddy. Basically it goes into the various camp sites.

Once we were back on the sealed road again & only in places was it possible to see either side. There were sheep grazing on brown grass, some dairy cattle with a few fortunate to have green pastures to eat.
We had decided to spend the night at the Granite rest area #34 about 25ks north of Kingston. Well was it windy? Fortunately we could park our van with the door away from the ocean.

That night the wind blew & blew with rain as well. Even with the legs of the van down it still rocked. There were 2 small motor homes beside us but they left about 9pm. We found out next morning that they moved back over the sand hills as they could not sleep. We literally could not see out the windows (car or van) because of the salt spray- had to do some cleaning before we left .

These tiny shells were right up in the sand dunes and I have no idea what the funny looking bush is called.

Short drive down to Kingston for a look there. All of these towns have their own jetty which I guess is natural. The light house which used to be at Cape Jaffa has now been restored & is in Kingston. This town is in Lacepede Bay & is known for it’s big lobster.

There is parked beside the lighthouse a vessel with quite a story & fortunately for us a local walked past & naturally Bruce started talking. It is a life boat from an American Grain cargo ship which was ship wrecked years ago off the South American coast. This life boat travelled the world & a couple of years ago landed at Kingston! He said it not take long before locals began to vandalize it – took propellers and a couple of other things so they soon moved it to safety.

We had lunch at the jetty & was hoping to buy some seafood from the store there but no boats had been out for a while- dam!

Wandered out to the end of the jetty for some photos back towards to town.

On the way back a certain person need to rest!

Went to info centre to ask about filling with water & a dump point which we soon found. Also went to the local tiny IGA for some fruit- not cheap then the butcher for meat for lunch. Got nice Salt & Pepper chicken Schnitzels as well as lamb chops.

This funny looking grass was growing up between cracks in the concrete here.

Soon on the road going SW to Cape Jaffa where we were going to have lunch- cooked the chicken & whatever it was coated with was rather tasty. This is not a large place and is where the light house was originally built on the Margaret Brock reef in 1872.
There was also a “closed” seafood shop here-dam again.
Not too far down the road at #22 camps 7 ,we decided to stop for the night. This spot is right beside the road, but because it is not a highway decided it would be OK. It is the coast road with probably mainly local traffic. There was only room for us, a motorhome & another van.
As sun was shining on my side of the bed I did not get our early as we were only going down to Mt Gambier. Bruce helped the motor home guy with a problem before we left.
The properties still have some sheep, various breeds of mainly dairy cattle, some vineyards & also coming into forests.

This vineyard looks very sad on the hillside.

Another detour to go to the coast to Robe. It is basically another fishing town as well as an obvious holiday spot by the number of accommodation sites. It’s history goes back to the 1840s.
Currently 32 fishing boats are moored there.
We rook a drive up to the Beacon Hill lookout which gives an all round view over the town.

Following the coast road it is obvious that the farmers need rain – not a lot of greenery around, except where irrigation is available.

Along this part of the coast are 3 lakes between the road and the ocean called Lakes Eliza, St Clair & George

Out to the coast again to Beachport which is a very pretty little village. It was settled as a whaling station in the 1830s and it still a very popular fishing spot for locals as well as tourists.
the jetty is the 2nd longest in SA, 772 metres into Rivoli Bay. It is home to 25 Cray fishing boats as well as some long line vessels.

The Customs House collected customs fees before Federation. It has had several businesses over the years. Railway office, museum, ANZ bank branch, & held claim to being the smallest bank in Australia.

Looking back towards Beachport.

Now we are on the way to Mt Gambier through Millicent.

Because Millicent is only about 50k from Mt Gambier we decided to come back up here for a day trip to see what is around here.

There are hundreds on wind turbines in the distance which we will see when we come back up here. beautiful autumn colors along the roadside.

As soon as we booked into the Show grounds, even though it was overcast, we decided to drive around some sights while there was no rain.

This sinkhole was the first spot we decided to visit- it is just a beautiful spot.The flowers in the garden and the walk down to the bottom is different.

I have never seen such big Hydrangers.

The next stop was the Info centre with the Lady Nelson.

Right in the centre of the city was the Cave Garden, another sunken area. These info boards are not the easiest to read- sorry.

The gardens around this site are full of roses as well as daiseys & a hedge which I do not know the name but it has alternating white, purple & lilac flowers

Now down the street to the famous Blue Lake, which has a 3.6 km drive around the circuit. It is an incredible blue & hopefully we will be able to see it in sunshine before we leave.

From the circular drive this is across the other side of the city . By the amount of walkers, joggers, dogs on leads mothers pushingprams etc it is east to assume that this circular walk is a well used one by the locals for their daily walks.
There is a tower at the top of a very steep walk, which when the flag is flying means it is open to visitors. Beautiful autumn colors still in some of the trees.

As can be seen there are many different water birds on this lake. It also appears to bed a very popular weekend picnic site as tables, BBQ etc are readily available.

This is not Bouganvillea but just leaves. What a color.

Retracing our steps we stopped at the Leg Of Mutton Crater.

The above gardens and trees are what are now in the crater of the Leg of Mutton.

The last spot before heading back to van as it was starting to get rather cold. This is beside the road around the Blue lake

There is a monument to the poet Adam Lindsay Gordon at this spot als0. Can anyone remember any of his poems from Primary School way back when we had to learn poems!

It has not stopped raining at all to-day- farmers will be rejoicing. Outside at lunch time it was just 8 degrees so we had the heater running in the van all day. Bruce was going to go into the shops to get his oil for the oil change on Monday but even decided against starting the car.
Have spent all day reading as well as catching up on photos etc.

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lake,the crater gardens,valley lake,leg of mutton


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  1. Love all of it, we did this 2 years ago, had the best ever crayfish at Beachport, did you go to the Lake that is 7 times saltier than the anywhere ?? Salam I think, we put our feet in, very cold, keep enjoying yourselves, Sandra and Dennis

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