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April 29, 2014

Satuurday 26.4.14

After saying goodbye to Catriana & Chuck as well as Lyn & Robert we headed onto Strathalbyn to do some shopping (food) as well as fuel.

We are now travelling through a huge wine area and this winery is just east of Strathalbyn. The vineyards are in desperate need of rain & in some places it makes one wonder what the livestock are eating. Many must be hand fed because they are in good condition.

As we were heading east we would have to, once again, cross the Murray via ferry and that would be at Wellington, the first one on the Murray Rv.

Both sides of the road are line with vines & this area is known as the Langhorne Creek wineries.
Just visible in behind the cattle is a centre pivot for irrigation. Lake Alexandrina is appearing to the right of us at various spots- it is a huge lake! We are not driving along the northern edge of the lake.

This really is terrible looking country, salt bushed, salt pans and very dry. There are literally hundreds of trees planted everywhere to try to combat the salty conditions.

Did not think that there would not be enough room for us this trip but we were put behind the trailer.
Once over the other side we decided to pullover to read the information boards.
Once on the eastern side of the Murray our next stop was going to be Tailem Bend for lunch & shower. We made the decision to have our cooked meal at lunch time as well as having showers when it is warmer. Even though it has been rather overcast the sun came out as we reached the rest stop east of Tailem Bend.

The rest area overlooks the Murray with house boats moored below the cliffs.

We did not go into Tailem Bend as had been there before but they have a wonderful tourist site called OLD TAILEM TOWN which was basically established by one man. Shall add some photos from our time there.

It is well worth spending a few hours here, especially all the old machinery which Bruce was interested in viewing.
After hot lunch of steak, onion gravy & veges as well as nice hot shower we headed south towards the Jurrong jetty, #44 in Camps 7.
Country still in desperate need of rain with sheep being fed. The photo below shows just how dry things are, and now getting into sand dunes as well.

Soon came to the jetty with Lake Albert on the left & Lake Alexandrina on the right.

SATURDAY 26.4.14
There was a very strong wind blowing when we pulled into the rest area where you can stay for 72 hours. There are flush toilets, plenty of spots for a fire with wood for sale from the ferry driver. Beautiful green grass & fishing (if you can get anything but Carp). A couple of men showed us 2 garbage bags full of carp which they had caught. There is also a good water tap.

I went wandering at about 6am the first morning for photos- it was 6degrees with an awful wind but I was determined to wait for sunrise. The end of the jetty was covered with sea gulls & down the other side of the wharf there must have been at least 100 pelicans- fishermen going out early morning fishing were disturbing them.

The lighthouse which can be seen on the other side of the Lake is at Point Malcolm & is the only lighthouse in the southern hemisphere, built a century ago, to guide paddle steamers through the Nurrung Narrows between lakes Albert & Alexandrina.

Sunday we got a surprise visit when a couple whom we had not seen for a couple of years pulled up.
Sunday was a beautiful day with hardly any wind and full sun. There was good TV so Saturday night was the first time on over 2 weeks that we had seen any news, apart from ABC radio.
Some vintage cars drove by so naturally had to take a photo!

Some better shots of the lighthouse & this lazy pelican who let me get almost up to it before decided to fly away.

Monday it was overcast in the morning but cleared by 9am so both Heather & I decided to wash. John helped Bruce to repair the spinner part of my twin tub – was not looking forward to have to hand wring washing for the rest of the trip. Even with the wind & sun everything still took until mid afternoon to dry. Still cooking midday meal which means more time to relax at happy hour!

Rain started during the night , not heavy but continual. Fortunately we had packed everything away yesterday afternoon – we listened to the weather forecast. By the time we were ready to leave this morning the rain had stopped & sun came out not long after. We said goodbye to Heather & John who are heading west.

The following information maps are back at the ferry we crossed at Wellington but forgot to include them.

The photo below shows Milang on the western shore of Lake Alexandrina (red X) and the bottom right another X where the Jurrong jetty is situated.

I have tried to show the extent of this lake, and how we are basically going around the entire lake as far as the Jurrong jetty. I have put orange colored Xs where we are. The last map shows the Jurrong jetty on which we crossed to the western side and this jetty is basically between Lake Alexandrina & Lake Albert, another very big lake.

[the drive around huge lake


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  1. We were at McLarenvale early Mid April, part of the crowd on the Sunday with the vintage and later cars going down the main street, very well looked after cars.

  2. We are at Leasingham at the moment leaving on Thursday 8th May, heading toward Loxton mid may, where will you be ???

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